Thursday, March 15, 2012

Sleepover with the parents home

Despite a super busy open house the other night, Mike's parents were coming into town. I met them after my 15 hour day at the casino where they were having dinner. I enjoyed a beer while we talked and I told them about the night. We talked about layoffs, and my cousin who happened to be working. She didn't meet them as we didn't walk through that area.

After dinner, we go back to Mike's, and I arrive and go in to turn on lights before they arrive. Mike turns on the TV while they eat dessert. There is some show on- the I Love Raymond spinoff or something and there was an awkward episode on TV. Some girl was bringing her boyfriend home to meet the parents and they were going to stay in HER bed. The dad wasn't ok, and neither was the mom. I wanted to laugh and giggle as we were sitting there because I felt like the boyfriend did at the moment- where am I going to sleep, although I knew the answer- it seemed weird I would be in my boyfriend's bed and his parents would be around. He fell asleep on the couch after The Middle, and so I let myself. I didn't sleep well due to all of my anxiety with everything mentioned in the previous post.

I woke up and showered while everyone was still asleep - hope I didn't disturb them.


Long day at work, lockdown, then met The Guy and his boyfriend at their place. We had been planning on hanging out for a while, but someone had gone incommunicado, and I wasn't going to pass up this opportunity. We just sat and talked/joked around about whats going on in our lives for 2 hours or so. I asked them about doing a weekend trip together- boyfriends and boyfriends. They are down.

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