Sunday, April 18, 2010


Got to enjoy a surprise visit from my friend and blogger, James, who was in town randomly Friday night. We visited a local steakhouse where we enjoyed lots of good food and conversation.

A 3 hour lunch with Linda Saturday afternoon because she hadn't seen my family all week.

Saturday afternoon I found myself chatting with a guy on connexion. He was probably 5'10'', 180lbs, brown hair with blond highlights styled like Patrick Swayze in this photo. Cute smile. I made a comment about, halfway flirty about how I could guess his job based on his photo. I even took a stab at based on his first name I knew who he was because I've heard him before- not in a stalkerish way, of course. And I was right. That pretty much lead into the conversation that we had over the next few hours about work, school, family, and things like that. He was at work and invited me to come hang with him. I felt a little weird going to his work and said that maybe another time. He insisted saying at most it was another kid who was just a few years younger than him, and they have friends who visit all the time. After a lot of talking and convincing on his end, I relented. I drove down to his place of business, which was in the journalism/broadcasting field. Sure enough the other guy who was there had a friend hanging out. It turns out it was a place I actually applied for a job twice- once during college in my last few months, and then once I graduated. This kid, and I guess I shouldn't call him kid when he is 5-6 years older than me, has been working there 3 years. We had a great time chatting, and he showed me around. The conversation was constant about the field, the place he worked, and our interests. He invited me to come back another time, told me they would be hiring soon, and we found out we had a few mutual friends. It was a fun time. I only stayed about an hour, but I enjoyed it, and enjoyed him. He isn't exactly my type 100%, but I found the conversation and personality definitely made up for it. We shall see what becomes...

Today I'm going to go see La Misión con Dennis.

Work this Tuesday subbing for the worst kids in the school. AY!!!

Have to create another lesson plan for school this week. I have to create a writing unit- not just a lesson, original ideas, original assessments, original handouts, original supplementary materials meaning I have to create everything on my own. Ugh. Also have to finish reviewing and posting all of my homework from this past week. Boo.


Phunk Factor said...

Did u tell him that you applied to that place twice?

I would've loved to see his expression...surprise/shock/astonishment/etc!

Mike said...

Phunk Factor: I did. He was definitely shocked and didn't know why I didn't make the cut- other than not going to one of the local broadcast schools. He said they like young people, cheap talent, college students/recent college grads, and encouraged me to apply again.

Aek said...

Your weekend definitely sounded much better than mine. :-/

JC said...

Glad you had such a wonderful weekend. You deserve the happiness. Take care and will talk soon.