Friday, April 2, 2010

I'm here!

Busy, busy week!!!

I've been subbing everyday this week. Everyone seems to have that horrible cough that is going around that seems to drain you, and lasts several days, so teachers were out all week.

Monday-Wednesday: Subbed for band. The kids were watching a video on the Beach Boys influence. I enjoyed the video, and so did the kids. Would you believe the 2 songs I heard them sing over and over were "Little Honda," and "Barbara Ann?" Barbara Ann doesn't surprise me, but Little Honda, out of everything the Beach Boys sang that song was the kids favorites? No California Girls?

Little Honda

Barbara Ann

Oh, and I heard multiple times how sexy the Beach Boys are. One gal, Sandra, sort of a problem kid, but deep down is a good kid came up to me after 6th period and said, "Mr. Teacher, did you notice how sexy the Beach Boys were, they had short hair?" I failed to realize that... heh heh heh

Wednesday Night: School... lots of observations and tutoring in the coming weeks

Thursday: Roving sub because teachers were being pulled out for special ed IEPs. I was busy nonstop. I found out at the end of 1st period Linda was in a car accident and still not at school, so when I wasn't there was filling in in her classroom. Saw Linda at lunch after she finally got to school, and she was shook up. Principal sent her home. Was asked to sub for her last 2 classes. Linda asked me if I could coach the basketball game after school. Um. Ok? So um, the school bell rang for the end of the day, I opened up the locker room, and then we were on the bus going to the other school for the basketball game. It was our first game, and we lost badly. This ends Linda's 27 game win streak over the past 4 years. Oops. I felt kind of bad, but the players were at such a disadvantage height-wise, plus the other team could shoot. I was able to give some pointers and tell what kids to block what players- that helped- the kids did much better in the 3rd and 4th quarters. I still never want to coach.

Friday: Sub for Linda because she had a doctor's appointment and dentist appointment Her kids were ok.

School: My online class seems like lots of work, but I can manage- just first week stressing.

Allergies: Allergy headaches nonstop all week. Fell asleep most every night with a headache.

I did spend $80 on shirts that were 40% off, plus an additional 15% at Banana Republic Wednesday night. Yay! But it was almost all winter clothes. Ooops. But it was on sale. Also bought a new pair of brown Vans at Nordstrom Rack for $25.

And because I'm on a Beach Boys/summer kick, although it is 60 degrees here in Cali...


Phunk Factor said...

Banana Republic?! That's my favorite brand...i miss States now! :P

Sorry to hear about ur friend!!

Hope she gets better soon! :)

Aek said...

Wow, busy busy week indeed! o_O

dan said...

you coach stud!!!