Wednesday, April 14, 2010


Hey guys,

I've been doing some research online because our internet is so bad. I've blogged about my problems time and time again with SBC/ATT. I think I have the problem diagnosed as the DSL link retrain is retraining/connecting with the satellite signal 50+ times a day causing for outages. I have been monitoring our network and today it has cut out and retrained 371 times since 1a.m. I sure haven't gone anywhere- so much for doing my homework for my internet class... haha.

We don't have Time Warner, Cox, or any other cable company access where I live where we could get cable internet. Cablevision moved out long ago, and we were forced to go with satellite or nothing for TV. We got Direct TV then. As far as DSL goes we can't do Verizon since they aren't in my area. Verizon Fios looks nice, but will never happen. We have heard to only to satellite We pretty much have a couple choices when it comes to internet- SBC/ATT (SBC was bought out by AT&T I believe- the bill in the mail says AT&T).

I was talking with Eddy from work the other day and he says that he has had SBC Global/AT&T, and now has AT&T Uverse. He says Uverse is much better. He had a lot of problems with SBC/AT&T, but Uverse is fast in comparison, and has had no issues. Is this true? Would our internet really be better with AT&T Uverse? I could easily persuade my parents to switch to AT&T Uverse solely for internet.

Any info would be greatly appreciated!


Aek said...

Eh, just do it. If it doesn't cost significantly more, what do you have to lose?

I don't know much about cable and internet stuff, as usually my roommate takes care of that stuff. I don't have the best internet in the world, but I've also no major complaints about it either.

rlp340 said...

I have Comcast cable but I've heard good things about U-Verse (or at least no complaints). It could be that it's just too new so no one has started complaining. Is it significantly more then what your paying now? If it isn't then I agree with Aek above may as well give it a try.

El Genio said...

Sounds like you should be praying for Google to come to your neighborhood.