Monday, April 26, 2010

Serves her right

My sister kept bragging last week that her professor didn't read her work, she could turn in anything, and get an A. She decided she would write a 30 page report when the professor wanted no more than 13 pages. What she could find to talk about for 30 pages was beyond me. Apparently she couldn't find anything either, but did manager 30 pages.

Today my mom called about 2:15 after she got out of school asking why my sister was crying in a voicemail she left my mom. I had no clue. I didn't know. I told her I didn't know because she hadn't called me, and I probably wouldn't have been that sympathetic ear my sister wanted. Sister was so devastated she couldn't go home and wanted my mom to drive to her college to pick her up. Mom said she better get on the train or she would be stuck at school all night.

Turns out sister got her 30 page paper back. The professor did read it. The paper was out of 75 points. He took off 10 for being over the page limit. He took off another 15 for content because my sister's paper didn't flow and didn't make sense. She had a long 1/4 page comment going across her paper in blue ink saying that her paper was good, but then didn't flow and was hard to understand. There were also a few points taken off for some other problem. Sister received a 46/75 on her midterm paper.

It turns out sister finally admitted during dinner she pasted an essay from another class into her paper because she was convinced the professor didn't read, and she was convinced the more content you had, the better the grade. She was playing the victim during this whole thing- the professor didn't like her, she's the youngest student in the class, she is the only sophomore in a junior/senior class. She cried and cried all during dinner. My mom read her paper and clearly saw the transition from talking about the importance of contemporary rhetoric (musical lyrics, modern speeches, pop culture) to talking about the importance of interpersonal communication. Busted!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



Aek said...

Wow . . . did your sister seriously do that?!?! How could she think it wasn't her fault entirely? That's hard to believe. If it were my kid, I'd force him/her to write a serious apology to the professor for wasting his time.

Phunk Factor said...

When he said 13 pages, to go for 30 pages is beyond me!!

Bruce said...

I have to agree with Aek particularly since both of your parents are educators themselves they know what a waste of time this was for the professor.

Steroids Blog said...

seems your sister got what she deserved, lesson learned i hope.