Thursday, April 15, 2010

Barking dogs

Poison has been barking all night since about 8p.m. We ignored him at the beginning. He barked for almost 45 minutes at nothing. Things got worse as the evening rolled on.
10:30 when it was bedtime he started barking. My dad went outside with a flashlight only to discover he was on the other side of the neighbor's house.
11:00 I go outside and can't see him.
11:30 I go out again because he is still barking. I catch the clearness of a new dog's eyes- the neighbors got a new dog to keep Poison company and I shine the light on him. I see at this time the neighbor sees my flashlight, so I shine the flashlight on the neighbor in the house. It is the young son, and he just looks around nonchalantly.
11:55 I am livid and decide to call the county's after hours animal control office. I leave a message on the answering machine that there is a dog at, and I give the neighbors address, who has barked for the better part of 2 hours and the neighbors did nothing.
12:05 Posion barks again
1:52-2:02 Barking again- I try to ignore it- wait 10 minutes, then call over to the neighbor's house. They don't pick up.
2:15 Barking again- I go outside, turn the hose on, carry it around the house with me, and just let it spray. He was too far away to spray.
3:06 More barking
3:23 My dad goes out and tries to find Poison
4:48-5:19 BARK!!! This time new dog was involved in barking. My dad calls the neighbors, but they hang up on him after he said "hello."
5:43 Barking again- my dad walked next door and threw something at the dog to get him to stop barking.

I am not a happy person. Upset that we have such inconsiderate neighbors. Annoyed that the dog can bark for hours at nothing. If that dog lets out as anything as slight as a yelp this morning I will be calling animal control.