Wednesday, April 7, 2010

LA News Changes

I've been slow at posting this- not that I haven't noticed the changes taking place, but I've been busy.

- New management team at the station
- Weatherman Johnny Mountain retired
- Morning news anchor Suzanne Rico left on her own terms. Lisa Sigell is now filling in.
- Larry Welk- their helicopter reporter since the early 90s I want to say has been let go
- Inland Empire reporter Greg Mills seems to be missing, and his biography is no longer on the website
- Morning reporter Kirk Hawkins biography is no longer on the website, but I saw him on the other morning, so not sure what is going on there.
- Pat Harvey is on CBS2 now as their main anchor. Pat Harvey and Paul Magers are the new CBS 2 top anchor team.
- Sharon Tay is the new face of KCAL 9 replacing Harvey. (Why? Tay seems to be the best they have on staff for that, unless Laura Diaz were to go in her place, but they could choose someone from outside or more seasoned)
-Everyone seems to be confused as to what is going on...
- After I typed this up I found this- take a look if you're interested. The new anchor lineups.
Jackie Johnson is Mountain's successor. In my opinion I find her downright annoying, and think she should maybe be in a weekend role. Rubenstein may not be the greatest as far as looks, but he knows his stuff, and always has tons of explanations that if CBS was looking for content should have chosen him. So now KCAL is looking for Johnson's successor.

- There is also new bosses at KNBC
- Kathy Vara is back on mornings
- Rumors speculate morning reporter Robert Kovacik will be leaving to go to a news network or another local station.
- Andy Rosa Adler is replacing Alycia Lane on weekend anchor duties. Kim Baldonado who was weekend/weekday 11a.m. anchor is still just a reporter.

- There is a new blond reporter in the evenings I've noticed. I think her last name was Hall. I caught her last night, and was bothered how much she moved her head in her live shot. She seemed okay otherwise.

- Morning reporter bimbo Suzanne Marques has been let go, and I've heard she may appear on KNBC.

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