Sunday, April 25, 2010

Nonstop weekend

This weekend has been one of those nonstop weekends that I love.

Friday at work during lunch I was playing around on facebook on my phone and I posted a status message on facebook about wanting to go to a concert at Casino Morongo out in Cabazon. It was the free KKGO, GoCountry 105, Stagecoach preconcert. I got a message from Mal, the teacher I'm going to see Luke Bryan and Jewel with next month. She said if she could get a sitter she would go with me. I didn't get out of work until nearly 3. I get a call at 3:30 as I'm about 4 minutes from home and she said she'd meet me there at 5. I play around on the computer about 30 minutes, then head out to the desert. We met at the Serrano Buffet where we ate and chatted about all sorts of stuff- mainly work and school. Such a fun time!!! We decided we had to try our luck at slots. Mal was very conservative and spent $2. She lost it all. My limit was $10. I didn't know Morongo got rid of most of the penny machines. I lost $6 on 2 or 3 different penny machines I did find. I was sad, so went and found a 2 cent machine where my money could go twice as fast. In the first few spins I was up $16. I broke even. I gave up once I recouped my losses.

We got in line for the concert about 7:15 and the doors opened at 7:30. It was in the Vibe room. We made our way in and stood because it was mostly a standing room concert. We stood around and joked about needing a drink in our hand to be like everyone else. We never did get a drink. The concert started at 8. It was really 8:15 or so.

Mal was all over the first act, Emily West, she was all into her depressing songs and was "relatable," and totally cute. Seriously, I disagreed, and told Mal. I said Emily needed to comb her hair, use a tanning bed, and put on some clothes because that spaghetti strap showed a little too much. The second act was Steel Magnolias. The duo was cute and since it was a small venue were able to interact with the audience and tell us about themselves. Their song, "Keep on Loving You" is all over country radio, and was not my favorite, but they had a few others that weren't bad like "Ooh La La."

Now Easton Corbin was last, and they saved the best for last. He has a George Strait sounding voice, which totally melted me. He was young, cute, and totally do-able. I think with his voice and sound he'll be around for a while. My favorites of his were: "A Lot to Learn About Livin,'" "Don't Ask Me About a Woman," and "Roll With It." I went wild when he sang "A Little More Country Than That." He was sooooooo fine and his voice. He seemed a little overwhelmed by the whole thing, almost nervous, soooo cute.

Mal and I danced together, shook our hips, and other stuff all night long.

I kept telling Mal that one of the security people looked like my old barber when I was little. She laughed. I told her I was serious. He was a latino guy with a very distinctive haircut, and was very tall. I had seen this guy earlier and saw his name was Rudy, like my old barber. I was curious, went up and asked him, and sure enough it was. He remembered me. Was a little shocked I had grown so much (it had been 10 years or so), and remembered my dad. What are the chances- I was 35 miles or so from home- just goes to show I see people I know everywhere.

I guess this outing kind of sort of made up for not getting to go to Stagecoach to see Brooks & Dunn, Kenny Chesney, Sugarland, and all the others I was wanting to see.

We hugged and took off about 11:30. I got home at 12:10 or so and got to bed about 1.

I was up at 8 to do homework Saturday morning to finish it before going to Disneyland.

I met my cousins at Disneyland about 11:45. They had been there since 9. I hadn't been to Disneyland in nearly 2 years- probably June 2008 or longer ago. It was my 26 year old cousin, 12 year old cousin, 23 year old lesbian cousin and her girlfriend, her girlfriend's mom, her girlfriend's brother who was 13, and his friend. My 26yo cousin's boyfriend stayed home.

It is now $97 for a 1 day ticket to Disneyland. A basic annual pass was $169. I decided at that ridiculous price I'd go ahead and just get a basic pass that would allow me to go 170 preselected days to Disneyland. I added parking, so it was $230 or so, which was ridiculous. So um if anyone wants to go to Disneyland now, hit me up since I have an annual pass... haha

Lots of renovations under way at Disney- street cars being added to Cali Adventure, the water has been drained from River of the Americas, and a few buildings in New Orleans square being redone. Oh, and Captain EO was back. I remember Captain EO now after seeing it. I remember the captain scaring me as a child and screaming as she reached out with her claws. Scary stuff, but it brought back memories. Fun times.

Here's the Captain EO video- it is soooooooooooo much cooler in 3D, though. It's sooooo 80s... I love it!

Disney was very crowded as most lines were at least an hour. We got on Space Mountain first, and my date and riding buddy as she termed it for the day was the girlfriend's mom. We hugged and then got on Space Mountain. This lady was all about taking cute photos together. It was pretty amusing. She was like 50, very white trash, and no attraction. This lady was showing us her tattoos while we were in line for Matterhorn and telling us how her son didn't like them since his mom is supposed to be Christian. We got on 6 or 7 rides in a total of 12 hours. We ate at the Plaza Inn, and it'll be a long time before I eat there again. I despise Disney food. Anyways, the mom was an interesting character belching loud during dinner, eating green beans with her hands. Lots of stopping to take photos practically EVERYWHERE. My cousins are the photo type people who take pictures of anything and everything. We did, believe me. My cousins in total took about 500 photos they calculated. The 2 boys were constantly poking me and we played the poking game in most of the lines. I sensed they were looking at me kind of like they liked me. It was weird. They were cool, though.

It was crazy how many gay guys were at Disneyland on Grindr. For chat I assume (haha... yeah... right), cause unless you have a hotel, what are you going to do at Disneyland? I had chats going on with several guys during the day- one guy who worked there and was 26. He wanted to meet up since I drove alone after I left, and he messaged me on Grindr about 12:30a.m. as I was leaving, and said if he had a place we'd get together. I had 2-3 guys staying in a hotel room and invited me up. I had other random guys message me and ask me what ride I was on. Driving home I just kept Grindr open for the hell of it as I was cruising down the 91 and I had about 12 messages by the time I got home. One guy sent me 4-5 pics of him and his nice uncut dick, his location, and asked what I wanted to do.

We stayed until 12. I didn't get to my car until 12:30. It was 1:05 or so before I got home, and 1:30 before bed. I got up about 9.


El Genio said...

Disneyland is like paradise for gay guys :). There is soooo much to do there. Love it.

rlp340 said...

Agreed. Although I never thought of using Grindr there - that would be interesting with all the hotels around....

dan said...

ok boy, be careful with that grindr you!!!