Monday, April 12, 2010

Some guy news, but no date or anything spectacular

Things are going ok here. I have just been busy with school. I have some stuff to report, so will do that.

- Hung out with my cousin and her friends Friday night to celebrate her birthday. Went to a Mexican food place for dinner, margaritas, then the amusement park nearby for laser tag. Fun times!!!

- Saturday afternoon was a big birthday party for everyone in my family who had a birthday between January and April. Olive Garden + vanilla cake with raspberry filling + time with family = FUN

- I did meet up with Matthew the other day- he is a teacher at a school in the area. We met up and ended up making out and jacking off a few years ago (probably 2 years ago). We reconnected on grindr recently and asked me if I wanted to come over on Sunday. We chatted, made out, jacked off, and sucked each other off. It was much more enjoyable this time around. Hopeful he may be a regular thing/something more will develop.

- I haven't had any dates or met any other guys. I feel at times like there are none, except the same 10 who are all on craigslist/grindr/connexion, and I'm not interested.

- Trying to get together for lunch or dinner with The Guy this week.

- Applied for a summer teaching job and will be notified if I made the cut this week

- Initially I was worried about school being a bit much to handle this quarter, but the classes have actually complemented each other and there is a lot of overlapping.

- Have to create a lesson plan roughly every week regarding a topic in English. Boring, tedious, but it is helping me by giving me sample lessons I could show when interviewing etc. for a teaching job.

- Still having awful allergy headaches. I had an acupuncture appointment today, but the doctor called in sick, so I got a call at 10:30 to reschedule. Have an appointment 3 weeks from now. My sinuses feel full. I am constantly itching, sneezing, taking my allergy meds, applying lotion.

- I have a serious dislike for Taylor Swift. WTF, does she have 4 or 5 singles out right now? KIIS 102.7, 1043 MYFM, KOST 103.5, GO COUNTRY 105, and KFROG 95.1 all insist on playing them. I can't be in the car and not hear a Taylor Swift song. She is not all that. Everytime I hear a song of hers I want to scream.

But I do like this song by Pearl Jam called "Just Breathe"

- I am going to go see Luke Bryan and Jewel with another teacher from school in May.

- I want to go see Pat Benatar Thursday night. $45 or so for a ticket.

- I have decided in my bedroom I need an orange duvet cover. I searched Bed Bath and Beyond, Sears, Kohls, Macys,, and even Amazon for one. Have yet to find one that I like. I don't want a suede looking one. Orange will pretty much set my room off I think. The orange in this print is the closest I found to my liking, but don't want funky flowers.

And here's another good song by David Guetta and Kelly Rowland


Anonymous said...

Check out some of the online pics of duvets from Nieman Marcus and Nordstom. I found a Ralph Lauren duvet on sale for a third of retail on last call at Nieman. It has an oriental rug print, really cool looking, and not that pricy on close out.

I agree about Taylor Swift, her looks must be carrying her cause her voice is just average to me.

Phunk Factor said...

I agree....ppl haven't stopped talking abt her 2nd album and they're already excited about her 3rd album out due ltr this yr!!!

All I can say is, WT*?!

Please make her stop!!

Anonymous said...

Taylor Swift: concur. ;)

B said...

Hurray for Pearl Jam!