Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Come here, puppy

Settle in for some of my random thoughts and stories as of late...

I was really horny the other day, decided to cruise around the internet, and found a guy looking for jack off and oral in the OC. He wasn't too far away, so I decided why not reply? I got a reply from him, everything sounded good. He was 5'7'', 130lbs, Costa Rican, 5'' uncut, HIV-/drug and disease free, very tan, and hairy body. What more did I need? Everything sounded like what I was looking for. We decided to meet tonight. It was perfect because his apartment was down the street from a location where Kogi was. Remember that I've been wanting to go to Kogi? Well, I planned my visit to be able to play around with him, and visit Kogi.

So how was Kogi? I ordered the spare rib tacos, and they were good. It took 45 minutes to get through a line with about 20 people. I wasn't so into the cilantro, lettuce, and onion topping, but the sauce made the tacos. If it were just the meat and sauce I'd be in heaven. The tacos were $2 a piece. I bought 2 spare rib and chicken tacos. I am glad I did it. It is one of those things you do for the novelty in my opinion.

So I met this guy at his apartment at 8. I called Carlos when I arrived at his complex, and it took about 5 minutes for him to come out. I notice how short he was- no complaints. We shake hands, then he tells me about how it was so nice out, he'd just washed his car, and was sad it rained yesterday. He told me he only had an hour for me because he had a conference call with China and Taiwan for work.

We go in and he shows me around. The apartment is quite nice- all granite surfaces and probably 2-3 years old at most. We go in his room and he asks if I am comfortable. He says he is not, and takes off his shirt. He asks me if I'm comfortable after I remove my shirt, and I said no since I figured this was a game or something. Maybe it was just his limited English ability? haha. Well, I did bring up that I spoke Spanish, but he didn't go there. We laid on the bed hugging each other, then I rolled onto his chest and we began grinding on each other. We took our underwear off. I almost hated to see his go. He looked so hot in a pair of white Papi briefs and a tan body. We started jacking each other off as we laid next to each other. I had the hardest time taking him seriously when he kept saying, "come on puppy, come on." Was he talking about me, or my penis? I don't know, but I wanted to burst out laughing in these tender moments. I bit my tongue. He asked me "how are you doing puppy?" Again, you called me puppy. He kept asking me "if I was enjoying myself, puppy," and I couldn't take it anymore, and said "I'm not, I'm not doing well." I think I caught him off guard by saying that, but seriously, I couldn't take it any longer. A 40 year old guy calling me puppy? It wasn't cute. Baby would be cute. Babe, ok. For a hot latino guy like himself even calling me papi would have been hot, but puppy just didn't cut it. Perro, dog in Spanish would have been cuter. So we roll onto each other and sit on each other, jacking each other off. He asks if he can shoot on me and jack me off. I let him do both. He asks if I want to head to the shower to clean up, and I do. He stands there in the bathroom watching me shower and taking a piss, and he told me about work.

Carlos asked me at the end if this is going to be a regular thing, and I couldn't tell him straight out, but I said that I'm not so sure with all of my prior commitments with work. Wish I could have been more truthful, but it was one of those awkward moments. Oh well, if he calls again, I'll tell him on the phone. Too bad it didn't work out, he was hot!!! I love me latino guys.

Speaking of latino guys, there is a guy at my local Juice it Up who I've suspicioned as gay. Everytime I go in he always asks me how I'm doing, if I'd like an extra boost, what I've been up to, and all around very friendly. I always like dealing with him as opposed to the other guy there who is very straight, and very serious. The other day I was standing outside talking to someone on my phone before I went in to order, and he came out and smoked a cigarette, and was making eye contact with me. I suspicioned for a while he was gay, and the whole eye contact, checking me out reaffirmed. When I went in he told me how he "missed me because he hadn't seen me in a while." I explained how I don't always get the chance to come, and he said he was sorry to hear that.

So tonight when I got home I log onto grindr to see if Matt was on. I know I blogged about Matt before. He is a fellow teacher who teaches at a school in the area. We met and jacked off probably 2 years ago. We want to hang out again soon, so I was seeing if he was on. He wasn't, but this Juice it Up guy was. I saw his face picture, and he was 2.9 miles away, which is almost exactly how far Juice it Up was. He had a blurb about how he is 21, latino, 6'2'', likes guys with tattoos and piercings, has a few tattoos himself, including a tattoo that says "latino" on his elbow.

I was/am so tempted to write him and say "hey." From there I'm sure it'll go the way standard grindr convos do... "hey," "hey," "what's up?," "not much," "pic?" and then my identity will be revealed to him, and he'll see that I'm the guy that always goes into his Juice it Up. Hmmmmm.... I dunno... he's cute... definitely my type.

Now what do I do about him? hahaha.


Mind Of Mine said...


Embarrassing sex talk. There is notbing worse.

I have tagged you in a post BTW.

Mind Of Mine said...


Embarrassing sex talk. There is notbing worse.

I have tagged you in a post BTW.

Phunk Factor said...

If you like him, ping him! ;)


Plus he clearly has the hots or something else for you...sooooo why not?!

Aek said...

Your sexcapades are amusing to read about. :-P

I think you should just go for it and message that Juice It Up guy!