Thursday, April 15, 2010

Got to see The Guy

I had to run over to near The Guy's house today for work related stuff, although I didn't work. I took care of my business and sent him a text that I was in the area. I pretty much demanded to see him. He said he'd be home at 3.

I got to his place right at 3. I knocked on the door and he looked near tears. We hugged. He told me he has been better. I walk through his house to the office and everything is nearly done- he is just waiting on the door frames to be done and the doors to be put back on. The new TV was mounted in the living room, the kitchen was functional, and in the office he had put his old couch in, move the desk, and hung the mirror. It looked very homey and cozy. It'll be a month until the couch arrives. I observed while he sat at the desk writing guys on adam4adam.

I tell him how I was excited to see how everything looked. He thought I'd been over more recently, and I told him I hadn't been. He showed me each room, as well as the bathroom. The bathroom was done differently than he'd told me, but it looked sooooooo good!!! The tile was done very well and has a modern look to it. We go into his bedroom after a few minutes and he tells me he just wants to sleep. He told me about being off of his meds for a month, the depression, his relationship with Olly, and how that just crumbled last Friday. He told me about how he was so depressed; the constant crying, which is unusual for him to cry so continuously. We talked about all of his dates. We laid on the bed talking about random guys on grindr. He showed me several who had chatted with him, as well as me- keep in mind we live 30 miles apart. That was fun to talk about random guys and we dished the dirt we had on all of them to each other. HAHAHA

We decide shortly after to go get the dogs. In the car I tell him about work and stuff like that. At the dog kennel The Guy asks if one of the guys who brings his dog is gay and how he thinks the guy is cute. The girl at the kennel is totally cool, and said this guy was gay, and stuff like that.

Back in the car we talk about our dogs and I told him about my dog's recent misfortune of getting a huge cut that got infected with dirt because she is always into something, and she had to have half of her back shaved. Poor thing.

We get back to The Guy's house and play with the dogs. I demand to see his iPad, and it is HOT HOT HOT. The screen is beautiful. The maps are beautiful on it. It has a sexy feel to it. The keyboard was kind of fun to play around with, although didn't seem as responsive as I'd have hoped, but I guess it can be tailored in the settings. The Guy does some laundry and then is ready to get ready to go workout since he's been avoiding that.

We thank each other the company and I head off about 5:15. It was really nice to see him- even for just a few hours.


Phunk Factor said...

When The Guy is involved, you always seem to have a good time! :)

Anonymous said...

Seems like you and the guy should be a couple, don't you think?