Monday, April 5, 2010

With 5 minutes to spare- my 5 of the month

With a Spring theme...

Our ice plant is blooming

The sky doesn't look like a spring day- it poured!

Our lemon tree is in full bloom and has huge lemons. It took years before it gave us anything!

A drive down a street that is considered one of the most scenic drives in my area. The flowers and trees are blooming.

I always enjoy going to Stater Brothers and seeing the displays they create. Few supermarkets actually "decorate" for anything, so this is always fun. And, yes, there is a spring theme- Cali palm Dr. Pepper tree and a coke man.

Following Stephen's post


My Time said...

great pictures :)

Aek said...

I agree, nice pics. :-)

Anonymous said...

Nice. :)