Sunday, January 24, 2010

Country/Mexican ties

Downloaded George Strait's new song "El Rey" the other day, which he did a great job on in my opinion, and the background instruments sound really authentic with the mariachi sound. Anyways, I knew I'd heard the song before by Los Tigres del Norte. I remember Karina in my Spanish class last year doing a report on the importance of Los Tigres del Norte, their importance to the term machismo, as well as la frontera, or the border. I remember she printed out lyrics for everyone. But anyways, I knew George Strait wasn't the original singer, so did some research and found multiple people who had performed it. I just knew GS didn't write this. I was thinking the verb conjugations and tenses that he used were for a pretty advanced Spanish speaker, so I had to find out, but still it stuck in my mind that I'd heard it before. I stumbled upon this great article about the fusion between country music and Mexican people that is occurring, as well as how George Strait came upon the song. Rhett Atkins, a country singer from the early 90s, as well as Leann Wommack are all possibly going to record some Spanish songs coming up on future albums. Can't wait to hear more...

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