Monday, January 11, 2010

We meet again

I texted The Guy several times this past week. I knew he was feeling somewhat better. He was online on facebook I noticed, but he wasn't responding to his text. To say the least I was a little peeved. I texted him this morning and told him "let's do lunch- my treat." I didn't get a reply after about 2 hours, so I called and kind of let him have it. I told him that I was a good friend and frustrated that he was not responding, and it hurts and bothers me, and for good friends it seems a little strange. I get a text back about 20 minutes later and he said lunch was good. I asked when and he told me 11:49, and it was 11:50. I told him that I'd shower, then pick up some food. He called it in and wanted to pay, but I was adamant I was paying because it was a part of his Christmas gift. I left the card and other gift, a gift card at home.

I grab the food and head to his place. He welcomes me in and we hug. I put the food on the counter. I notice there were no dogs. We hug again as he presents me with my birthday and Christmas gift. He gave me $200 in Amazon gift cards. It meant a lot that he actually remembered my birthday and that even though we hadn't seen each other in a long time that was cool. I felt bad about forgetting his gift cards- I had been outside cleaning in the garage, got his text, showered quickly, and left my card on my dresser. Next time... now that I know there will be a next time and we are still friends... haha.

We break out the food and eat. He tells me about the stuff going on in his life. He told Josh to F-off. He has hibernated for the past 9 days and only left the house once to go to work, a date Saturday night, and to go clubbing with his house cleaners Friday night. He had me smell his shirt and all of the clothes he had to wash. All of his clothes smelled like really bad mildew after he washed them. He decided if they don't come out good after his next wash he'll simply throw them out. That's about 10 pairs of Armani boxer briefs and trunks at $20 a piece, about $30 a piece Ralph Lauren T shirts. The Guy did order new stuff on Banana Republic and GAP's website this morning he said.

I told him about my life... subbing a lot. Subbing and muddling through 8th grade science, and he told me he would do the same. He told me how Chemistry has changed so much since he took it in high school. I told him about my Christmas and birthday.

He said we needed to go to CVS because he was going to buy me some moisturizer cream that he found that smells so good. We get in the car to head down there and he tells me how he loves Josh, yet told him off because he was actually hindering Josh from doing whatever he was going to do. We pull into CVS, walk in, and see that it is closing at the end of the month. Most of the businesses in the center have closed. Now The Guy assumes he'll have to go to Target, which he can only go to with me... haha. We get some Monster Energy Drinks, 4 different types of laundry soaps, and fabric softeners. Then we go over and he finds the cream. It is the CVS/Vaselline Men's Personal Care Cream. It is so good it is even sold out on the CVS website. We talk to the girl at the counter and she had just found out this morning the store was being closed because they lost their lease. Everything in the center is leaving.

We then decide to go pick up the dogs from doggie daycare in the next city over. On the way he tells me about going out Friday night, the guy he met was about 45, then they slept together Friday night. Saturday they went on a date, but The Guy was not into him and didn't have enough to drink to sleep with him again. He told me about some of the other guys he's chatting with or seen recently- nothing major.

We got the dogs and they retreated to the car. In the car I told THe Guy about Max sending me a message on facebook, but how I didn't respond because I was ready to rip him a new one. I told him about how I have such a hard time anymore about keeping my mouth shut and telling people my opinion. I told Teacher Friend my opinion of him going to NY to visit his b/f and how I'm not interested in him anymore because I'm not going to be his backup.

We get back to his place about 2:40p.m. and we put everything away, then play around on Grindr. He messages some hotties, plugs his phone in to wait and see who messages. He goes through deleting all the latinos and black guys since they're not his type. I log on my phone and see that I'm 246 away from him. He said he thought it was wrong. I joked that maybe I was 2.46 feet from him. Even that was too far as our faces were about 12 inches from each other.

I left at 2:50 when he was getting ready to take a nap. He was going out with his friend Jenni tonight. We talked about how i just need to push him when he is in his slumps like I have been doing. We hugged and I thanked him again for the gifts. I also wouldn't let him pay me for lunch like he tried.

It felt good hanging out- just like old times- no tension- just good conversation spilling explicit details about our lives.

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Anonymous said...

He sure is a handful! I guess we all are at some points in time.

Glad you shook him out of it and had a good time hanging out.