Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy New Year!!!

Wishing everyone a Happy New Year!!!

I have spent my New Year's Day cleaning my room up. It was pretty clean, but papers from my messenger bag or man bag or whatever it is got scattered all over my room. I also had laundry out all over the floor since I was trying to do some wash.

I got some candle sconces for Christmas to hang up in my room because my walls are so barren, but I am simply out of ideas as to what else to put up there. I think the brass work candle sconces add to the room, but the other side of the room needs something else. I have 2 large areas of about 5-6' wide and 3-4' tall that could use something... artwork... more brass work... something.

I don't want to get too much on the wall and make the room feel heavy. I want to maintain an airy look and feel if that makes any sense.

Also I want to keep with the black, brown tones, or I can even go with a brown to match the wallpaper (that can be torn down at any time and probably should be). The carpet is hazelnut.

I'm posting pics of my room for suggestions...


Aek said...

I think your wall could use a scroll painting. And nice touch with the whiskey on the desk there. :-P

Bruce said...

Ok, first of all, the wallpaper HAS to go. Use that wall as an accent wall & paint it a nice color that contrasts with the tan. I suggest a nice blue that will bring out the blue in the comforter on the bed. Play up with silver accents and stay away from bronze. Some nice window coverings in a similar color to the accent wall will bring that color into the room. Good luck and have fun with it!!

Dean Grey said...

Happy New Year to you, Mike!


Mike said...

Aek: Maybe if I can find one I like
Bruce: I like the idea of an accent wall a lot. I hadn't thought about blue. I also would have never thought about the silver. Must visit Crate & Barrel to look for silver accents.
Dean: Thanks! Happy New Year to you! Keep the photos of Chicago coming!

dan said...

lose the wire candle things, um unless they're new or something.... ?