Saturday, January 23, 2010

Younger date

He was a hottie!!! Throughout the date he reminded me of Spinner from Degrassi as far as body frame and looks. Date had darker hair, though, and a faux-hawk, and his right ear pierced. He sort of has that want to be bad boy look going on.
(Spinner is the blond guy in the video below)

We met at TGI Fridays where we spent a great deal of time talking about work and special ed. He talked about how people often say how gross it is he works with those kids, or how they don't understand. He did the majority of the talking and I could hardly get a word in- a change from when we'd chatted on the phone or internet. We talk about him living in Oklahoma, how he wound up out here. We talked about his family and mine, and outness. A couple times he said he felt really awkward, but I don't know if that was just nervousness or not.

The service was awful at Fridays. 3 waiters said they'd take care of us, and only 1 did. The 1 who did take care of us only got us drinks and brought the check. Oh, and when he brought the check he asked 3-4 times who had the sizzling chicken and who had the steak, and he gave us the wrong checks. We traded, then he mixed the cards up, so even though we straightened it out, I was charged for what I didn't order. Oh well.

After we eat we run outside into the rain and debate what to do. I said movies, but there was nothing I really wanted to see, and he agreed he doesn't like movie dates. I told him the rain sort of took away from things we could do. I was thinking mini golf at the local amusement park that was just down the street. He said we could go back to his place and watch a movie. I follow him back to his place. We watch "Zoolander" and since the heat hasn't kicked on in the house we both lay under our own blankets. Suddenly we are cuddled up next to each other, holding hands, rubbing each others arms, and talking about little stuff like music, how he felt awkward earlier, how we were both so cold, how we were both having a great time, and things like that. As "Zoolander" came to an end he was getting very tired and could hardly stay awake. We called it a night. We hugged and I took off.

Hopefullly there is a 2nd date...
After the date I went to the big teen hangout and ran into a bunch of people I really didn't care to see. I was there to find 8 books for an annotated bibliography for schooll. I ran into Max's cute friend Jesse, one of The Mike's friends Randall and his girlfriend, a few other guys I've seen at the local gay club. Jesse was checking me out and following me around in the store somewhat. I got everything done and left as quickly as I could.
I get to the car and get a call from a half drunk Darla asking me where I was and that she and Eddy had been drinking for hours already. I told them I was on my way, despite being very tired at this point. Oh well, it was only 8p.m. I am at the Mexican food place within 10 minutes, ordering a house margarita, which was pretty darn good. Lots of good stories. Told all of them including Eddy about my date, but he still seemed in shock and kept referring to my date as "she." Starbucks afterward where they were all pretty much tired. Then to Eddy's to watch an episode of Law and Order. All of this before midnight.
Sunday Update: Date just wants to be friends, but that's ok.


Anonymous said...

Hurray for a good first date! He sounds absolutely adorable! ^_^

El Genio said...

Marco was so much cuter!

Aek said...

It sounds like this date was far more fruitful. ^_^

Anonymous said...

Woohoo! Glad it went well. Man, you got more done in one day then I do in two.

Anonymous said...

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Dean Grey said...


TGI Friday's? You should've known better! LOL

I'm glad the first date went relatively well!


Cash said...

Just friends? oh well. good stuff though.

Anonymous said...

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