Monday, January 18, 2010

A date

I met someone on adam4adam last night of all places. He was hot. He is 36, 6'4'', brown hair, brown eyes, great smile. We both said we're looking for friends. More talking over Yahoo today. More talking on the phone tonight, and some texting in between. Tomorrow night we're going on a date that he plans. I won't know the surprise until we get to the restaurant he says. There is also going to be a surprise, definitely adventurous activity for after dinner all because he has great feelings about this. Should be fun. I feel like an outsider on this date... haha... not planning or anything. I also wonder what his ideas are... twice today he asked me my favorite stores. I looked at his facebook and saw that he is friends with Max- that means nothing- I wasn't surprised- I chucked more than anything since I know why Max likes this guy since he is older- just making observations. Should be fun.


Closet said...

Have fun---Adam4Adam is lame around here.
I like to get on there when visiting bigger cities, or just check out the dudes in some random bigger city, that's always fun.

James said...

6'4", brown hair and eyes? This isn't me is it? Hmm, I'm not 36, I guess not. Damn! :P

Hope it goes well!

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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