Saturday, January 2, 2010

Random Thoughts About This Week

This coming week I don't have any sub days lined up. I plan to make the most of it... Here's a look at what I want to do/will do...

Laundry, clean house
School... done with that dumb adolescent psych class

Dinner with Gonzo

Find and go to visit one of the Kogi trucks... btw has anyone had Kogi Tacos? Hopefully they post the locations on where the truck will be soon. Hopefully I can drag a friend along to go with me. It is going to be an experience- driving in, hunting down the truck, waiting in line, savoring some delicious Korean BBQ.... mmmmm

* If they are at an OC location that may not be too ridiculous/far away on Tuesday I may drag Gonzo with me.

School... last day of classes for the quarter

My birthday
... I'd love a random surprise from a friend or something... just saying...
Dinner with the family at.................... trying to decide............ Spanish food? Steak? Mexican? Japanese Teppan Restaurant?

CSET Test at 1:30p.m.-5 or so

Other random things:
* Going to try to hang out with The Guy if he not moping around and feeling up to it.
* Take car to car wash.
* Play some Wii.
* Want to do something with my coworkers Mari, Viv, Gonzo, and Joe.

News Note:
I saw a promo for ABC7 Eyewitness News This Morning and noticed Leslie Sykes was doing it. The unwatchable Leslie Sykes. I thought that was strange. I know Phillip Palmer has been off, but didn't know about Kathy. I know I saw her last 12/18. Anyways, I logged onto ABC7's website to see if she was still there and her bio is gone. I've watched Kathy Vara since 1994 with my grandpa and grandma when I was little... all during the OJ Simpson Trial when she and Kent Shocknek would anchor the coverage for hours on end. Memories. Anyways, I hope she isn't gone, although I'm sure she is. I just hope they don't put Leslie Sykes in her place and put Lisa Hernandez or Leslie Miller in her place.

5:22a.m. Monday morning update- Subha Ravindhran is filling in. I approve.


Egg said...

I miss Kathy too. I was already in turmoil when Philip was on vacation. Thought it was just Kathy's turn.

Bruce said...

Hey Mike did you see the story on Ch 7 last night (6 pm) on the food trucks. They just started a mobile food court in Santa Monica where a bunch of the trucks park at lunch time so people know where they are. I know SM is far from IE but since you are not working this week, it might be a nice break. They post on twitter where they are going to be but I know nothing about how to find that info.

Mike said...

Egg: This morning Subha Ravindhran said she was in for the unwatchable Leslie Sykes.

Bruce: I missed that! I was in class, or else I would have probably caught it. I am curious. May search their website. SM is not too far... just an hour and a few minutes. Thanks for the info!