Sunday, January 31, 2010

Eating weekend

Spent most of the weekend eating it seems.

Had me some tacos de res y lengua por almuerzo ayer. I had some beef and tongue tacos for lunch yesterday. Sooooooo delicious!!!

Linda treated us to a buffet at a casino with her comps points. We dined on steak, lobster, and king crab legs, as well as blue cheese macaroni and cheese, which was delicious (coming from a person who doesn't like blue cheese). Love me some steak and crab.

Made Mexican spaghetti for lunch- a friend does this- he takes a jar of spaghetti, adds cooked chorizo, then simmers the chorizo in Dos Equis. Then he adds only the chorizo to the sauce and discards the beer. He adds onions and garlic. It is quite good and gives the spaghetti a definite zing.

After lunch I did manage a gym workout.

Linda also won tickets to a hockey game and she had a suite courtesy of the casino. She invited my sister and I to go along. We dined on shrimp, pizza, spinach and artichoke dip, macaroni and cheese, and guacamole dip. Fun game. I have to wonder what the Ontario Reign were doing in the last 2 minutes of the game. The goalie was nonexistent, and that was disappointing. Enjoyed the game and hanging out in the suite. I was really into the game. I was yelling at the players, watching the fights that the Idaho teams started. There were 2 fights in the first period that the Idaho team started over things like the Reign player having a hockey stick in their way and in another instance bumping into a member of the other team.

On the way home I was involved in a really small chain reaction accident. I was stopped, as were the several cars in front of me as we try to make the transition from the 10 east to the 15south. Not sure why the cars were stopping- unless they were trying to read the sign about the offramp being closed on the 5th and 6th of February. Anyways, I am stopped for a good 10-15 seconds, I check my rearview and said out loud to my sis that the cars behind us are going awfully fast, and I hope they stop. The man in the Corolla behind me barely stopped in time. The man in the car behind him didn't stop. I sat in my mirror watching this, and when I saw he was getting close told my sister to "hold on." I put my foot down on the brake. I sat watching my rearview mirror as I was rear-ended. My sister yelled out "what the?!" I am glad and thankful I knew it was coming so I could hold my foot down on the brake and brace myself. We were probably hit at between 10-20mph. AMAZINGLY THERE WAS NO DAMAGE TO MY CAR. I WAS AMAZED, AND SO THANKFUL. It was hard enough that there was a possibility, as evidenced by the Corolla. Anyways, we get out, exchange info, and go through that spiel. I do have to say my car held up VERY well even though it was a really small fender bender. I was the only one with no damage. Just a small scuff that can be buffed out I'm pretty sure. Of course Linda said to call and let her know we got home safe- I did. We did get home safe. I left those other details out. Of course my sister was on the phone with my parents within seconds of the fender bender letting them know, worrying them, when it was just a simple thing. No complaints. My car made it out safe. I am safe. I am thankful I saw the accident happening to prepare.


Shawn said...

You should take your car in and get it checked. There could be damage under the surface. Believe me, if you are rearended again, the bumper might not absorb a second impact as well.

Aek said...

Wow, glad everything turned out okay with that mini chain accident!

Btw, how much time does Linda spend at the casinos to get so many comp stuff?! o_O

Anonymous said...

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