Monday, January 18, 2010

Fantasy LA Anchor Teams: KTLA 5


Emmett Miller, Cher Calvin, Mark Kriski, Ginger Chan

Frank Buckley, Michaela Pereira, Mark Kriski, Sam Rubin, Ginger Chan

Micah Ohlman, Victoria Recano, Jessica Holmes

Brandon Rudat, Lynette Romero, Vera Jimenez (YES, that's traffic reporter Vera Jimenez who used to be on KABC/KCBS2)

Brandon Rudat, Lynette Romero, Vera Jimenez, Brett Miller, Leila Feinstein (health)

Weekend 6:30p.m. and 10p.m.
Megan Henderson, Marybeth McDade, Leila Feinstein (sports), Lu Parker (weather)

Commentary: KTLA had a chance to pick up some big name talent to help their anchor teams, but settled on Micah Ohlman, and former entertainment reporter Victoria Recano. I think Lynette Romero is the most seasoned, credible female at the station, therefore she should be the main anchor. Brandon Rudat may not be great- he's a cute gay guy, but I need to see more of his anchoring skills, but I think he's better than Ohlman. Leila Feinstein can go back to sports like she originally did at KTLA, and continue her current duty as health reporter.

Frank Buckley

Brandon Rudat

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and finally how the story of brian rodriguezend end? LOL, from brandon rudat video,cute reporter