Thursday, January 7, 2010

Great birthday so far...

I get a text coming back from lunch with Linda Thursday afternoon and it is from my coworker Eddy from the high school. He asks what I'm doing Friday night. I told him nothing after 7. He wrote back my coworkers are throwing me a party then tomorrow at 9p.m. Drinking and other things will ensue I am sure, but it should be fun, and I'm thankful for each of them.

Half of my class- my credential class- wished me a happy birthday as someone saw it was on facebook as we were farming or other various things. Then they teased me for being one of the youngest.

Got home last night to find a birthday card and check from my best friend in Mississippi's parents. That was so unexpected as they have never done that.

Linda told my 1st period it was my birthday and they had to sing. By 4th period half the school I swear knew it was my

Lots of birthday wishes from Mrs. V, Mrs. C, the office manager, and Mr. A

Linda was going to take me to lunch, but shortage of subs and I had to sub on my prep.

Linda brought me Jack in the Box, but was "distraught" about not being able to take me out.

Tons of facebook comments.

Birthday texts.

The female custodian burst out singing happy birthday to me after school.

Going to my favorite Spanish restaurant for dinner.

My mom made favorite- white cake with pineapple filling and cream cheese icing. That is a tie with carrot cake.

And drinks tonight with the coworkers...