Saturday, January 16, 2010

Fantasy LA Anchor Teams: KNBC 4


Today in LA
Robert Kovacik, Mary Parks, Pablo Pereira, Paul Johnson



Robert Kovacik, Mary Parks, Pablo Pereira

5 and 11p.m.
Chuck Henry, Colleen Williams, Fritz Coleman, Fred Roggin, Bruce Hensel

Chuck Henry, Kim Baldonado, Fritz Coleman, Fred Roggin

Weekend a.m.
Jennifer Bjorklund, Alecha Lane, Carl Bell, Steve Truitt

Weekend p.m.
Chris Schauble, Ana Garcia, Elita Lorezca, Mario Solis

Commentary: Today in LA needs a major overhaul in my opinion. I can't stand Chris Schauble, as I have said many times. Robert Kovacik is a good anchor, and Mary Parks is credible looking, and I swear she used to anchor in the early 90s before becoming the IE reporter. I think they lack strong anchors at KNBC with the exit of Paul Moyer and others. I don't think sexing up the morning show like they have tried to do with Elita Loresca is the answer- they need a strong weather guy like Pablo Pereira. Pablo is quite hot, too. Kim Baldonado seems to be overlooked in my opinion at KTLA, so I would make her second in line.

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