Thursday, July 16, 2009

Why I can't sleep

Let's chronicle last night, shall we?

11:30p.m. settle in for a nice slumber
11:55p.m-12:05a.m. group of teen girls outside screaming... I think they were trying to TP the neighbors
12:14a.m. as I'm about to fall asleep Poison next door starts barking
12:18a.m. I get up, put shoes on, grab flashlight, head outside, shine it at the dog
12:23a.m. come inside and back in bed
12:55a.m. Poison starts barking again
12:58a.m. I head out again, repeating above steps
1:30a.m. sister can't sleep and is up walking the hall
1:55a.m. she settles in the bathtub because the bathtub is so much more comfortable than her bed in her bedroom
3:31a.m. Siren from the highway
4:30a.m. neighbors walking dogs causing Riggie down the street to bark
5:20am. Sis's alarm goes off and is loud enough for me to hear it in my room with the door shut
5:23a.m. I'm back asleep
5:30a.m. Sis is bitching about lord knows what
5:35a.m. Sis is walking up and down the hall between the main bathroom and master bath
5:55a.m. Sis leaves for school
6:20a.m. Sis calls because she left her hairbrush on the couch and wanted someone to bring it for her
6:30a.m. Trash trucks roll down the street
7:15a.m. Mom gets up
7:30a.m. Dad gets up
7:45a.m. I hear my dad in the dishwasher removing pans and things
7:55a.m. Dad starts making breakfast and is talking loudly, and it echoes through the hall

That pic would be Poision

Last night was just a prime example. Usually it is nowhere near that bad. Poison usually barks 2-3 times a week, but it is hella annoying, especially when you're about to fall asleep, in a sound sleep, and the owners don't have decency to shut your dog up.

But Poison does bark for hours on end and won't stop, especially at night. We've even go so far as to call the neighbors at whatever ungodly hour Poison starts barking, but they do not pick up their phone. They must be deaf.

A normal bad night may look like this:
11:30p.m. bed
12:55a.m. Poison barks
12:58a.m. outside
1:05a.m. back in house
4:30a.m. neighbors walking dog
4:55a.m. Poision barks
4:58a.m. headed outside again
5:05a.m. back in, only to be awaken again at 5:20 by the alarm

My Melatonin however works wonders and has helped with a lot of this. I do sleep more deeply I think.

I'm just grouchy today.


Aek said...

I hate being woken up before I want to. It's so annoying. >.<

Anonymous said...

Slip Poison a little poison? :P

borg_queen said...

MSG or chocolate would do the trick.

Anonymous said...

Melatonin? I used tylenol PM, but not often. Just on those nights you have to get to sleep absolutely positively and there is stuff to do the next morning and it's just not going to happen. What's this melatonin stuff, think I'll google. Sorry you couldn't (pleasuring yourself helps too I've heard).