Saturday, May 8, 2010

Birthday #1 of the weekend

After work on Friday I headed to dinner to meet my mom, as well as 4-5 teachers from her old school for dinner. We talked for a good 2-3 hours.

I jetted, and headed back to my city to meet Darla and friends for dinner. I didn't have time to run home to get the taco restaurant gift certificate and card I had for her, so promised to bring it next time I saw her. We went to a spaghetti restaurant, which was alright. The best part is the ice cream at the end of your meal. I talked to Gonzo and her fiance mainly. We had a good time talking about electronics, money, the role of a woman in a home, and random stuff like that. I tended to take the fiance's side just for arguments sake. He went as far as suggesting the high heels and French maid outfit. Fun times.

After, we were going to go to Yardhouse for drinks. Yardhouse was packed and only accepting reservations. We went next door to Elephant Bar, which had a lot fewer people. It was a nice night, so we sat out on the patio. Gonzo had a blended Adios. Who blends those? It wasn't that great blended. Her boyfriend stuck to Captain and coke. I varied my selection. I had the best mojito ever. It was an acai black cherry mojito. I drank one, then Gonzo, Darla, and a few others were wanting one. I had part of a long island iced tea and margarita. Our coworker Eddy showed up about this time already drunk. He was ordering everyone at the table drinks. He was horny and drunk. He was checking out Darla and kept whispering in my ear how he wanted to titty fuck her.

I had a weird thing happen when I went into the bathroom at one point. There was sort of a stocky latino guy in an Angels jersey and tattoos of women all over him in the bathroom standing next to me at the sink trying to dry his hands. He kept waving his hands back and forth past the automatic towel dispenser. It didn't work. He finally turned to me and held out his really large jersey and asked if I wanted to dry my hands on him. I said that was ok, and composed myself until I could get back to the table to laugh about that. Awkward encounter.

Tomorrow night is The Guy's birthday bash at an expensive restaurant in his city. Looking forward to it.

Mothers Day is also tomorrow, and that should be cool. Probably do an early lunch with my mom and family because I'm going out to eat late in the evening. My dad, sister, and I bought my mom some shoes she has been wanting. She won't buy them because she considers them too expensive. My mom usually spends $25 or so at most for shoes. She's been talking about them for the past 6 months or so since a teacher at her school got a pair because they are the most comfortable shoes ever. My mom I guess tried some and decided she needed them. I know she'll be surprised. I got her a sun dress my dad said she'd like.

Oh, and while on the subjects of moms, Phunk Factor asked me how things are with my mom. Things have more or less drifted back to normal. A few weeks ago my mom was unsure how to tell Linda, and this was her biggest worry. Since then things have more or less returned to normal. More developments with that as they happen.


Bruce said...

Mikey, what is it with you and stocky Latino guys in public restrooms??? HAHA

Mike said...

Bruce, I didn't even think about that other restroom incident with a latino guy. At least this one was nothing alike as far as looks?

Aek said...

Well I'm glad things have more or less returned to normal with your mom. :-)