Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Great night

School was so fun. Got rave reviews from the teacher about the lesson I presented.
Love my classmates.
Banquet for the kids I tutored was so awesome.
Driving a bit to fast to get to the banquet.
I am going to miss a few really special kids- one of the kids nearly made me cry tonight- he's one of those I'll aways remember
He talked about how various tutors, as well as teachers had a positive impact on him
His name is Alex, and he gave me a hug after, like he always does when he sees all of us tutors, and it was kind of sad it was for the last time
This kid had such a tough home life, and really considered those who tutored him/kids in the class family
Highlight of my night.
I did see a former student I tutored who is at UC Berkeley and rocking.
Second highlight of night.
Yay for students remembering me.
Afterparty at Eddy's house.
I did 6 large shots.
I was chipper and chatty.
Buzzed now.
That was my night.

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