Sunday, May 23, 2010

News changes in LA


Whitney Drolen replaces Vera Jimenez as morning traffic reporter.

A couple new reporters whose names I don't remember seem to have trailed in.


Doesn't Andie Adler look out of place?

KNBC seems to be in trouble...


Glen Walker moves from KCBS to KTLA as a weekend anchor/reporter- good move I think- despite not being a Walker fan.

Brandon Rudat has left KTLA for CBS in Atlanta to anchor mornings.

Bob Banfield will be retiring after 43 years with the station on May 26. I will miss seeing him all over the IE. I've run into him 4-5 times over the years. I've seen him driving, in the news van, on a story.

My dad still complains each time he sees Indra that she is still lacking personality, and still shopping at Ross Dress for Less. My dad keeps saying Macys is having a sale. She is wearing dresses since I complained last- unflattery, at that!

KABC is still the leader in almost all newscasts as far as ratings.

David is still wearing his zoot suit as my dad calls it. Phillip Palmer has one, as does Dallas. Have you seen some of Dallas' suits lately? He has a bright yellow, a few zoot suits, and more. Keep forgetting to get a pic of Dallas. Personally I like the suits and the zoot suit look.


KTTV now starts their news at 4:30a.m. along with KNBC, KTLA, and KABC.

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