Monday, May 3, 2010

I've always wondered how many country stars are...

Country singer, Chely Wright, is going to come out of the closet this week in a People Magazine interview.

Heard this on Valentine on 1043 MYFM this morning. Valentine didn't know much about Chely Wright, but Nate, the producer, talked about her singing traditional country songs that conservative country lovers would like, such as her song "From the Bumper of My SUV."

"From the Bumper of My SUV" - Chely Wright

Props to her. I've always wondered how many country stars are gay or lesbian and if any more will come out in the near future. I have a couple in mind...

"Single White Female" - Chely Wright


JC said...

Way to go, Chely Wright!

She will be the first country artist to come out. I am with you , Mikey...I wonder how many more country artists are hiding who they are?

Something to think about!

Anonymous said...

Catching up on your blog, was traveling in California for about two weeks....that country dude a few posts down, i agree, hottie!

Hope your doing well---