Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Dinner with friends

The Guy and I texted back and forth today while I was at work. He and I pushed our hang out time from 4ish to 5ish. I arrived at 5:17 because I had a feeling he was on the lookout for me since he said "he would see me first." i wanted to make my appearance unknown- usually I'm punctual- today I wasn't. He was on the hunt for me and spotted me as I pulled up. He was cleaning out the filter on his a/c out in the carport. He was also on the phone with Zac. i wanted to tell him how displeased I was he saw me first. haha

We hug a couple times while he is on the phone with Zac. He motions we need to go get the dogs, we get in the car, and he is still talking to Zac. About halfway to the dog kennel THe Guy is finally able to get off the phone and he gives me an update on his life. He tells me things are over with Olly. He tells me Olly even gave back the computer The Guy gave him. He asked me what my computer specs were because he would give it to me if they weren't better- they weren't. We talk about what is new with each other. I tell him about the job and the 2nd interview tomorrow. He told me he thinks that is a good thing. He tells me he is now seeing a therapist again, and back on his meds. He told me about his month in bed crying all day long, and would compose himself long enough for a date, then was back in bed crying. He also told me Joe was on his way over, and we were going to dinner with Zane, a friend of Olly's, who was also screwed by Olly. Drama. Hahaha. We got the dogs, then leaving the kennel The Guy told me something that meant a lot "thanks for not giving up on me. I know you call all the time and you don't get me, but you haven't given up on me." It meant a lot to hear those words. I told him I couldn't after him putting up with me with everything I've been through.

We get back to The Guy's place, and Joe is there ready to go. We get in The Guy's car and drive to Temple City (below Pasadena). We pick Zane up, then he tells us to go to Westfield West Covina for dinner. We went to Wood Ranch. We have one in my area, and I had been wanting to try. We picked the restaurant because it had a cowboy on the logo, and cowboys are hot. There were no cowboys in there much to our disappointment. We spent dinner sharing date/guy stories- my hanging out with the media buddy, by the way, we've been texting off and on. The Guy said I should ask him on a date. They heard my crazy date story that I'll never be able to forget. We chatted about the bad food, maggots in ketchup (Joe said there are 3 maggots per gram allowed by the FDA). We talked about the people Zane knew from high school who worked there. The food was not that great, and I was disappointed for the price they charged. We all agreed this was so nice to get out and just eat- 4 guys- THe Guy rarely does this, and it was soooooo nice to see him out... in a restaurant... haha

Afterward we walked through the mall and played "mine or yours." Zane decided this. The Guy and Zane picked out hot guys for each other. Joe and I just chatted about my mom finding out about me being gay, and things like that.

On the way to dinner we had 2-3 instances with bad Asian drivers/walkers. One Asian guy decided to cross the street without looking, and we were doing 25-30, so we had to stop quickly to miss him. Another Asian lady tried to back her Mercedes S class into a super small parallel parking spot and block half the street while doing it. I made a comment about an Asian guy walking through the parking lot saying that if he ran over this guy he would be getting rid of one of the Asian drivers, and making everything much safer. Everyone got a good laugh. ((I know I have a few Asian blog readers, and I like you guys- I mean no offense)).

Zane gave The Guy directions how to get back to his house, but The Guy goes in the opposite direction. We go back to THe Guy's and watch Glee since that came up many times during dinner. We watched the Physical Episode with Olivia Newton John. That episode seriously had to be targeted straight to gay guys... so much ass in it! Joe took off, so it was Zane, THe Guy and I laying watching it.

We hung until 10:45, then The Guy had to take Zane home, and Jeff was coming over to sleep because he was upset about a potential breakup of a guy he's been seeing for a month...

I'm home, it is 12:18, and I'm wired. Ugh. 5:45 comes early.

Let's get physical!


Bruce said...

Asians are HOT!!! Many, I'm trying not to generalize, don't drive well. I drive through Koreatown twice a day, nothing worse than an older asian woman driving a minivan! UGH!!!

Phunk Factor said...

Hahahaha...agreeing with Bruce!! Asians are spicy hot!!

N I agree with ur Glee comment!! This episode was soo targeted fr gay dudes!!!

Speaking of ur mum, how's she doing lately?

Nice to hear from u! :)

Anonymous said...

Ah, ONJ, I always think of her in Xanadu, lol.