Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Schools out

Lots going on lately, as always...

First off, school is out for the summer. No more subbing this schoolyear for me. Not sure what the fall holds in store with the possibility of a job or student teaching.

Online class finishes Saturday. I have a 3000 word paper due for that that I've yet to start, mainly because it has skipped my mind. Must write soon. Tomorrow or Friday morning- no excusas!

Final night of my on campus class, but I'll be back in 2 weeks for summer session.

Today is laundry day. I have about 6-7 loads to do.

Banquet tonight for the program I tutor for. I asked the professor to leave class at 6:15, and she said sure. Yay!

Trying to buy tickets to the Monday, March 28, 2011 Lady Gaga concert at Staples Center. Tickets go on sale at 10a.m., 26 minutes. Hopefully the internet doesn't cut out. ... And I tried... and they seemed to be sold out for the $51.25 or $88.25 tickets. I wasn't going to pay anything more than that.

The Guy and his new boy Robert seem to be official- facebook status changed, the works. Glad to hear.

My mom's surprise birthday party is tomorrow night. We've had a slight change in plans and are stumped how to present this to my mom. Originally my dad had school, but he has furlough Thursdays and Fridays for the rest of the schoolyear, so he has the day off. It was going to be easy to get my mom there. Now, with my dad off, we are going to take my mom to the OC for the day, then I guess what will happen is we'll have Linda call me about 3 or 4p.m. and say her husband wants to take my family out to dinner, and we'll meet at 6. No sé... still talking this over with my dad.

Oh, and here's a cool blog I like to read at the OC Register Newspaper's website called Fast Food Maven. The author blogs about fast food happenings, including this: In-N-Out is set to open in Dallas Texas.

And this is what you will find new on Mike's iPod this week:
"Life After You" - Daughtry


Phunk Factor said...

Daughtry...ummm...i didn't like any song frm his new album!! Bt I do like the guy...their debut album ws a million times btr...hope they release a 3rd one soon!!!

JC said...

Jealous that you are already out of school for the year. We would have been out as of Tuesday, but all that darned snow we had in December and January threw everyone for a loop. We are lucky...we will be out as of Friday. I cannot wait!

Look out we come!