Monday, May 10, 2010

The Guy's Birthday

We went to one of the most expensive restaurants in his city. I'd only been there once with The Guy and Jeff, and it was just to get a to go order. It was good as I recalled.

I got to the dinner about 6:55, 5 minutes early. I walk in and look for The Guy. I don't see him, then he calls my name. He was seated in the waiting area with Jeff. I hear briefly about San Diego. A moment later Mike, The Guy's ex, Chris' best friend walks in with his boyfriend who is in his mid 40s-50s probably. Mike was really cute, and his boyfriend was cute also. We shake hands. I think there was some awkward tension between Mike and I because he knew who I was not just from The Guy, but also from Chris. A few more friends of The Guy walk in- some that I'd met, and others that I hadn't. Zac showed up a little later, as did The Guy's brother.

We sit down, and I'm seated next to Jeff and Robert- a guy that The Guy likes and is sort of seeing currently. He was very shy. I was across from Mike and his boyfriend. Mike was cute and mature for his age. He's only like 25. The dinner went well. Lots of talking about San Diego, drinking, getting high, and random stuff like that. The Real Housewives also came up in a couple conversations.

The food was good. I had lemon chicken, and usually there is a hint of lemon, but this didn't have that. It was absorbed in the chicken and was really tender. The Guy insisted on paying for everyone's food. It was a fun time.

We wrap up around 9 and everyone hugs and says goodbye outside of the restaurant.

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Phunk Factor said...

Sounds like a party! Glad to kno u njoyed urslf! :)