Thursday, May 13, 2010

Doin' My Thing

Just got home from the Luke Bryan concert with Mal. What an awesome night!!! We met at a shopping mall about halfway between her house and my house, and a direct shot to Pechanga Casino.

We were running a little later than planned, but still hit up the buffet. Thursday they have a special where it is only $7. We were worried everyone would be taking advantage, but they weren't. We got right in and seated. There was all types of cuisine. There was ziti, prime rib, mac and cheese, enchiladas, empanadas, and tons and tons of desserts.

After eating we made our way to the theater for the show. The theater was really nice- much nicer than the venue at Casino Morongo. We had fun sitting in our seat and chatting about family, work, and taking facebook photos. We had perfect seats in row p.

Jewel performed first. She had a cute, almost ditzy, yet still intelligent side to her. Her voice was amaaazing. She opened with somewhere Over the Rainbow. I tend to think Jewel and that whiney folk singer. She was much better. Some of her stuff I wasn't in to, but she was pretty good, and not as whiney as on her CDs.

Next came Mr. Luke Bryan. We were both standing and singing (only because 5 really tall girls stood in front of us). We were singing along to "All My Friends Say," "Do I," "Doin' My Thing," "Fishin in the Dark," "Play Something Country," and "We Rode in Trucks." We were bumping, grinding, and all sorts of stuff on each other. Fun times! She isn't as big of a Luke fan as I am, but she was along for the Jewel portion of the show, and stayed around for that... haha.

Such a good show!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh, and then after, usually everyone is in such a hurry to leave the show. Lots of people started crowding the stage and Luke seemed in no hurry to leave. He started from the far left and worked his way over to the far right signing autographs. Yep, yours truly got his autograph on his ticket. Too bad my ticket was a big crumpled 8x11'' paper, but that's ok. Oh, and I got close up pics.

We both agreed $5 was our gambling limit- that was all I had in my wallet. I put $5 in a penny slot. I won $.60 on a penny machine, then played 2 more tries and was down to $4.80. Then I spun again and got some genie or something who 18x'd what you won, or some really odd high number like that. Next thing I know I have $35.40. I played 1 more spin and cashed out since I lost. $35.40 was awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yay!!!! Mal got $9.90, so we were both winners.

And the winnings more than paid for my night:
Concert ticket: $20.00
Buffet ticket: $7.00
Tip: $2.00

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