Sunday, May 2, 2010

Month of Birthdays and other parties

So many birthdays this month!

I was at Mal's birthday party on Friday night. She had a little get together at her house. It was mainly her family, myself, my mom, and another teacher from school.

Friday night is Darla's birthday. We are going to Yardhouse.

Sunday night is The Guy's. We're going to one of the most expensive restaurants in his city with I guess about 20 of his friends.

I'm busy with Linda planning a surprise birthday party for my mom. My mom has never had a surprise party before, but Linda thinks it would be a good idea after the attendance clerk had one this past year, and how shocked she was. It really brought everyone together who was transferred after the whole transfer veteran teachers incident last year at school. I went out Tuesday morning and visited BJs, Olive Garden, Marie Callendars, and a few other restaurants. Settled on a barbecue restaurant since we could get the best pricing. Linda is insistent on getting the invitations. She'll deliver them to the teachers at the school we work at, and I'll deliver them to the teachers and her friends at her new school, and emphasize to them it is a secret. There will be 16 of us- my mom, dad, sister, Linda's hubby, Linda, and 10 teachers. I am going to Costco to order a cake, and Linda will pick it up. The party will be on a Thursday night, and Linda and my mom go out already on a Thursday night to eat, so this shouldn't be too hard to fool my mom. I'm excited.

I have a big retirement from work that my mom and I will go to. 8 teachers/staff members are retiring. I love these people to death. I have grown up with them, and all of them are near and dear to my heart. I will miss all of them.
Went and saw "Kick Ass" with coworker Eddy last night. It was pretty kick ass... I guess... it was predictable...
I am booked to sub nearly everyday this month. There's all sorts of end of the year planning, a possible 3 week assignment for a teacher who is having surgery, the usual IEP meetings, and Linda has federal jury duty- that works different than regular jury duty where she can be called in for 3 weeks, and has to report the first 3-4 days I guess.
Este guero is going to attempt to make some homemade carne asada por Cinco de Mayo. The recipe I'm going to use needs to marinade 24-48 hours, so I'm going to do it tonight, then I'll have it ready to take to work on Wednesday por Cinco de Mayo.

I have a break at the very end of this month for school. I want to go to Disney World. I asked all of my friends (Gonzo, Darla, Dennis, etc.) and nobody wants to go. I am tempted to go on my own, especially when Disney is offering up to 30% off on their hotels. It would be cheaper to split the hotel room, though. We shall see. I do have a couple blogger friends in the FL area that it would be fun to see and hang out with. Must book ticket soon.


Phunk Factor said...

Crap! U made my mouth water, Mike....had one of those last least I think I hd!! I want another! Hahahaha...nehow, hav fun at all the parties!!! :D

Aek said...

Wow, busy busy. But it sounds like it could be fun though. :-)