Tuesday, May 18, 2010

A few more updates

I get to chaperone the amusement park field trip tomorrow for our school. I'm so excited. There was not enough interests from teachers and aides to go, so I got asked. The principal had no qualms about sending me. Mal is in charge, and she is soooo fun to be around. Must bring my camera.
I met a guy off of grindr tonight named José. We have been chatting for well over a month. He is 22, bi, recently moved back to the area after studying at UCSB. None of his friends know that he is bi, and there is an added stigmatism being Mexican, and coming from a very traditional Mexican family. He is living at home. At the moment he is jobless and deferring student loans by going to school. Our conversation mainly was about school and work. He had the cutest smile as we talked about random things. He wants to go into medicine or education. We talked about teaching abroad, getting into a credential program, nursing/physician assistant programs in the area. I thought he was so cute. He's 5'10'', 170lbs, dark skinned latino, sort of spiked hair. Hope to meet up again :).
And for Dan I am mentioning The Guy. I talked to him via phone for the first time since his birthday. We did text a bit this weekend after the iPhone disaster. We plan to hang out Thursday.
There are some strange people on craigslist. Read the text from this ad:

does anyone have the hookup for a job? - 22 (inland empire)
Does anyone know where they're hiring? I really need a job/ does'nt matter what job, but prefer not to do fast food. Can anyone help me find a job out there?

And the picture included is 3/4 of his body with his large uncut member, and his face blocked out.

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rlp340 said...

I know Craiglist has been cracking down on the sex adds on Craiglist maybe this is his way of working around it?