Monday, May 17, 2010

Some excerpts from life recently

The surprise party I'm organizing with Linda for my mom is going well so far. Invitations out, cake ordered, restaurant booked, most can attend. I'm just hoping no one spills the beans. Good thing almost everyone is at my mom's old school.
A new location of the gym I am a member at opened. The new gym is smaller, but so far I like it better. Of course right now all the equipment is new, the facility looks nice, and there aren't tons of people. The clientele doesn't seem to have the attitude the other gym does.
My sister had been walking funny for the past 2 weeks. My mom asked her more than once what happened. She said nothing, and shrugged it off many times. Last Friday I got a call during lunch at work asking me if I could come pick up my sister from Kaiser. I asked what was going on. Turns out she had been walking across her campus at school, her foot hurt so badly, it gave out and she fainted. I am a sub- not a teacher- teachers can't just walk out of class. They have to work with the front office, try to get a sub, and it is often not an easy process. Since I have an in at the school I asked around and got a teacher to cover my class after lunch, but not my final class. I called my dad in the meantime, and since his last period was prep he was able to get out to pick her up. Sister was in the hospital for a few hours. She admitted that she had sprained her foot a few weeks ago and didn't want to go to the hospital. Can you say stupid?
Linda is going to help me with all the documentation and papers I need to write up, case studies I need to explain and submit to the state as a part of my student teaching. While it is putting off getting it done for the time-being, which bothers me since I want to get it done and over with there is benefit. The benefit will be that she can help me understand developing a unit better and explain how she teaches writing, which I want to know more about.
These commercials bug.

Jack off buddy and I have become friends. He invited me to his birthday party a few weeks back. He had an XBOX 360 Halo tournament at his house with his best friend and boyfriend. Jack off buddy, his boyfriend, and myself all work at the same gym; we worked out together last Monday night. We all have Knotts, Disneyland, and Universal Studios passes- we plan to go to one of those soon.
Queef is the new word the students at school are using. I heard it 4-5 times this past week, and each time have told the students I WILL NOT HEAR IT AGAIN. One kid managed to use it in a sentence today: "I fucking queefed my pants." He was sent out.


Aek said...

Busy busy, as always. Silly sister, as always.

Anonymous said...

Catching up on your blog after a long trip (I was in LA earlier this week!). Anyways, not understanding the queef thing. lol. No homo!

Mike said...

Closet: You were in LA, and didn't tell me? Boo!

Anonymous said...

I stayed in downtown LA for 3 days, Mon-Wed. IT was cold and kind of rainy the first two days. Nothing G happened.