Wednesday, May 5, 2010

What's going on this week

- I have a reinterview on Thursday for that summer job. I have to teach another lesson. I'm ready. Bring it on. Kind of wondering why they're having interviews round 2.

- Supposed to hang out with The Guy today- we'll see...

- Talked to my best friend, and he will be out here about the 10th of June for 2 weeks. He flies into LAX, his parents are then venturing to San Diego for 3 days, then to their condo in Coronado. I'm sure I'll be hanging out a couple days at the condo like last time. Friend also mentioned he'll be able to leave anytime and will have a couple days to do whatever he wants after the condo, so we are thinking about spending a couple days together like a roadtrip. Trying to come up with ideas since he told me to. Maybe LA and Hollywood? Maybe up the coast? I'm trying to think of what to do and where to go. Open to suggestions.
Possible ideas:
LA (Dodger game, The Abbey (yes, I said it, but friend has expressed interest), Griffith Observatory, tour Hollywood)
The Coast: Santa Barbara, San Luis Obispo, Madonna Inn (friend wants to go, and that'd be fun)

- Subbing everyday this week- don't have to be at work until 10:15 today.

- Need to do my midterm for my EDU class. It should take about 2 hours... it's just busy work...

- Need to start on my teacher portfolio- explanations of how I'd handle different classroom scenarios. It's required for me to get my credential and do student teaching. It is about 15-20 pages I have to write about how I'd handle different things. No real application to an actual classroom. Busy work.

- My carne asada didn't turn out as I had hoped. It was just not as flavorful, and this recipe seemed to have a lot of spices. A lot of the recipes were very similar. Anyone have a good recipe for carne asada? I thought this one would be pretty good...

- My allergies are killing me. I itch constantly. Hyrdocortizone and Gold Bond are what is keeping me sane. Lots of allergy headaches. I see the allergist tomorrow, so I am going to get more headache medicine. I also have lots of congestion. Acupuncture next Tuesday cannot come soon enough.


rlp340 said...

Heard good things about the Madonna Inn - it's definitely on my list of places to check out.

I hear yea bout the allergies - Fresno is freaking nightmare and its only going to get worst as the temperature decides to jump up :( Itchiness - eyes - running nose/stuffed up - itchy skin ... it sucks :(

Aek said...

Wow . . . super busy!! I'm starting to get super busy as well. >.<

Best of luck with everything! My roommate also has terrible allergies. A friend here took his allergy meds year-round, and when allergy season came (aka, now), he was fine. So that might help for the future . . .