Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Vegas wrap-up

The trip went well. Nothing sexual between us (whew!) But here's a rundown...

Monday night:
- Dennis drove- arrived at 4p.m.
- Checked in the Stratosphere, walked the strip
- stopped in mall for sandwiches for dinner
- walked all the way up to Mandalay Bay
- Saw the waterfalls at Bellagio
- Saw the volcano at Mirage
- On one of the pedestrian walkways between the casinos I ran into a few coworkers back including B from the high school from a few years back
- Went to Toby Keith's I Love This Bar and Grill... mainly to just get a pic so I could joke with my family I went... and we did stay and listen to the band play a few songs including "She Thinks My Tractors Sexy"
- Went to the Coke and M&M stores
- Sampled 16 different cokes from around the world
- Went to the top of the Stratosphere and walked around
- We had buy 1 get 1 free big Stratosphere Souvenir bottles filled of margarita or daiquiri ($16 value). Drank our drinks up in the tower
Bed at 1:00a.m.

- Woke up at 9
While getting dressed Dennis was checking me out. I was just in boxer briefs and a tee. He dressed in front of me, so I figured I'd do the same
- IHOP for breakfast
- Walked the strip with my $.99 margarita at 11a.m.
- Madame Tussaud's Wax Museum
-Mandalay Bay for Shark Reef
- Luxor for The Bodies Exhibit... so glad I saw it... very amazing to see what is inside of us like that... my favorite part was seeing how many arteries and veins we had... I didn't realize they were so spiderlike. I knew they were basically everywhere I guess. Seeing it visually really helped.
- Spent an hour arguing with Dennis over dinner... he's a vegetarian... I got very frustrated and bitchy because I was hungry. I didn't want fast food and I wanted a steak. I decided we'd go to the Mad Onion Restaurant in Hooters. Steak was ok, but satisfied my craving... next time I want a Vegas buffet!
- Dennis ordered a martini at dinner and said he was halfway drunk at the end of the dinner. He was. Moving his hands like he was conducting music, singing, saying hail Caesar.
- CSI Crime Scene Investigation Experience at MGM. We were CSIs and given a crime scene to investigate what took place. Dennis thought it was campy, but I enjoyed it
- Went back up in the Stratosphere tower and drank. Refilled our big Stratosphere glasses. Talked about goals/plans for both of us for the next year... because it is always good to talk about that while imbibed.
- Dennis spent $1 gambling on 1 machine and I spent 3 on 3 different machines. At 1 time I was up $1.30, but I had to press my luck.
- Back in the hotel room Dennis is looking really tired and moves from my bed to his- after balancing his checkbook. He lays down. I am leaning on the headboard with 1 leg on the bed and 1 on the ground. Dennis lays on my bed and asks me about guys I'm seeing. I shared. I told him about Teacher Friend. He asked about my dating experiences so I told him and I asked to hear his. We had a good conversation. It did seem like he was wanting to make a move, but didn't.

- Breakfast at IHOP
- Went to Ethel M Chocolate Factory and took the tour (about 10 miles from the strip). It was kind of cool- I've seen chocolate made before, so it didn't phase me as much as someone who has maybe not seen that. We got a candy bar sample. Of course I had to buy a box for the family.
- Made it home in 4 1/2 hours. Lots of fog in the Cajon Pass.

Other tidbits

- Dennis made his itinerary last week of things he wanted to do. When it came to executing any of it he could not make a decision. I was the decision maker and I liked it. I didn't like the whole indecisive hour long dinner argument.
- Treasure Island was the best decorated hotel for Christmas
- The Luxor was such a cool looking hotel on the inside
- Harrahs and The Flamingo seemed to have the best margarita specials
- Each hotel is like a city inside
- Each hotel has a Starbucks it seemed
- I heard the same top 40 music playing throughout the strip and the songs that really annoy me right now are:
- Fireflies - Owl City
- 3 - Britney Spears
- Whacha Say - Jason Derulo
- Fallin' For You - Colbie Caillat
- So Hard - Rihanna

Pics are of the following:
Sampling sodas, the list of the first 8 sodas (the Beverly was awful!- the only one we didn't drink), The Bellagio Fountains, a look from the Stratosphere at the top, and a look at New York New York from the pedestrian bridge

Edit for Aek:
Dennis paid for gas, I paid for hotel

$81.25 for 2 nights at the Stratosphere for 2 Queen beds
$73.00 gas since we took Dennis' SUV instead of my car (otherwise it would have been about $30 less)

$7 sandwich meal Monday night
$.99 margarita
$8.00 IHOP
$8.00 IHOP
$16 Stratosphere margarita
$13.00 Hooters Mad Onion Dinner
$3.00 gambling
$18 Madame Tussaud's Wax Museum
$54 for CSI, Mandalay Bay Shark, Bodies (bodies alone was $31, MB was $17)
= ~$200 for him and me


Aek said...

It sounds like a really fun trip. But how much did it all cost? o_O

Anonymous said...

Oh my. *is jealous*

Stephen Chapman... said...

Brilliant posting - I am going in June and cant wait!

WOW, a Coke shop!


Anonymous said...

$3 gambling LMAO....too funny.

Sounds like you had fun! No Cirque De Soleil shows? I liked LOVE, but they aren't cheap.

Great Margaritas and eye candy at Palms (the margaritas and Dacquri's at Garduno's there are good).
KRave is a gay bar near Planet Hollywood on the strip, wish you would've gone to tell me about it!

Mike said...

Stephen: Coke shop is a definite must visit just for the cool experience. They also have 8 different types of floats you can sample.

Closet: Unfortunately no Cirque De Soleil... next time.
We were planning on doing a bar Monday or Tuesday night, but the bars all looked to be up by UNLV and Dennis didn't seem keen on driving. Maybe you should visit and tell me how Krave is... or invite me next time! Haha

dan said...