Thursday, March 18, 2010

3 gay guys do Target

The Guy and I have been chatting trying to get together, but his life is crazy right now. Jeff moved in with him, he is still with just 1 working bathroom, work is picking up, and stuff like that. We talked on Tuesday and said we'd get together Thursday. I shot him a text last night and then this afternoon to confirm and pick a time.

Jeff is living with The Guy for the meantime because Jeff manages to have all sorts of bad luck. His $40,000 Lexus he doesn't need that is only 5 years old completely broke down and needs a new engine. Jeff doesn't have internet access at his apartment, but needs it for work, without transportation can't get to The Guys for internet, so he moved in with The Guy and is sleeping on a futon. That's a crazy thing, especially with how torn up everything is at The Guy's.

I met him at 2 after I got off work. I get to his house as the construction people are there. I walk in and say a small hello, emphasis on small. I stand next to The Guy and behind Jeff at the computer. They did not see me. After about 2-3 minutes The Guy turns around and let's out a gasp as he was shocked to see me. They joked why didn't I say hi, and I said that I did, but they were too engrossed in the music and WOW game Jeff was playing.

Jeff gets dressed and we get ready to go to Target. Jeff lost his phone. He set it down next to the toilet as he was getting dressed and we spent 10 minutes or so looking for and calling it. Jeff is acting as The Guy's personal assistant, and they had a list of things to get. In the car The Guy tells about his new 65'' TV. Um. Wow. It was a great amazon deal. Remember that The Guy bought a new living room and bedroom TV just months ago.

At Target we start going through the aisles, which is fun. We joke about the products. We stop to look. The Guy just throws in random stuff- he throws in 5-6 Febreeze candles. We have arguments over the best trash bags. Which is better? Hefty Gripper trash bags, handles, enviro friendly? We didn't know. Gripper sounded pretty riveting if you ask me, and that's what we chose. We bought paper towels, a broom, and a Swiffer type mop.

Jeff goes on a hunt for clothes to wear at The Guy's and spends some time trying on the men's polos. The Guy and I take off. The 2 of us take off and we go looking for stuff to buy. I love this. Who else would I do this? We just go and fill a cart with stuff up, and buy it? Sure is nice to have money. We found Smart Water, frappuccinos because Jeff loves those, Amp energy drinks, and Monster energy drinks. We also see 4 hour energy things and get some of those. We both had our arms full. We go through the store looking for Jeff. Jeff actually moved the cart. That is so unlike Jeff. He is so forgetful. We go through the store wishing we had hands to use our phones to call Jeff, we then start calling "Jeff, Jeff, Jeff." He is looking at white t-shirts. He is shocked at all the good stuff we found and talks about how bad we are. The Guy and I take off again for a real live drink (a cold beverage), and while walking there is a gal who works there smiling and totally checking me out. The Guy makes fun of me for that. While at the checkstand Jeff is being checked out by the manager who is gay, and Jeff knows.

We joke that our cart has antennas. Check it out.

The Guy and I chat while we are on a hunt for things to buy. He tells me about his new guy. His name is Olly and he is 20, has a dorky look to him, he just moved here from Illinois, lives at home with his parents, doesn't go to school, doesn't have a job, lives in Pasadena, and is so hot. He met him last Thursday night. Last Friday they had a date- we chatted last Friday and he told me he had a hot date. They met on Grindr. They are going to Disneyland together tomorrow night and spending the next 3 days together. They were having dinner in Pasadena together tonight. He seemed ok from what THe Guy said and Jeff has met him because he is living with THe Guy, and approves.

Jeff needed his Starbucks because he wanted the real stuff, not those bottled Frappuccinos, so we head to Starbucks. I order a green tea that THe Guy insists on paying for, and Jeff buys his caramel frappuccino. The Guy then decides to cancel his 4p.m. training session, which at 3:30 was a little late.

We get back to The Guy's and Jeff is going to spend the night at his mom's house. The Guy and I take a 20 minute power nap, then go to get the dogs. On the way he tells me about his hunt for a perfect couch. He wants a white couch. A white couch in a white room with 2 dogs. The Guy got rid of his beautiful maroon accent room. His room looks so plain now- I didn't tell him that, but white on white on white is not pretty. He does have black slate floor. The Guy and I talk about furniture stores he can visit. He found one at Ethan Allen, but wants something equally expensive. I mention Basset and a few other shops. He is skeptical whether Basset is a good store because he'd never heard of it, then I tell him about my parents $14,000 bedroom set from there. My parents went all out 15 years ago and bought their dream bedroom set from there. It is a beautiful set. He wanted to know why we didn't have a Basset couch if it was so good, and I explained how we hadn't ripped the kitchen out, so my mom didn't want to invest tons into a couch, but also my parents aren't like him when it comes to money. My parents got that bedroom set with help from my grandpa before he died.

We pick up the dogs and his husky licks my neck, he hits in just a spot it tickles, which was funny. It was the sensation I get when a guy licks or sucks my ears. LOL. On the way back I tell him about my whole coming out thing with my mom. Things are going ok. He's been awesome in supporting me.

We get back to his place and play around on facebook. I see pics of Olly. We look at people with my last name, as well as his. We talk about education and had a good chat. I learned more about his degrees and how he wants to teach badly, but doesn't have his credential, yet is so close. It hurt to hear him say that. He is just a class or 2 away from his credential- he just has to do student teaching, but refuses to work for free.

More random chat and then he has to get ready. He sets up a random iTunes mix. He ripped the song below from iTunes, which was pretty good, and downloaded Acapella by Kelis.

The Guy showers and tells me I can come in the bedroom and watch him shower and get naked. It was funny. He was really hard, which looked hot as he was walking around his bedroom.

The Guy gets out of the shower and dressed. He changes shirts a couple times. I encourage him to go with the light blue shirt he had on, which he didn't want to because he doesn't like to wear light colors when he looks fat. I tell him he doesn't and he looked good- he did. He was going to go pick Olly up and meet his parents.

We head out at 7:20. We will probably hang out Monday or something. He told me his schedule and how he is pretty free after this weekend, which was nice.


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Wow!! It's nice to have free time on ur hands!

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