Wednesday, March 3, 2010

This is how I spend my evenings.

In grad school creating art.

Actually, this is a part of a lesson that a gal who wants to teach art presented a lesson on. I have to say I had such a fun time just doing something out of the ordinary, no worries, and nobody making fun of me for my lack of artistic ability. This was so amateur in comparison to what others in my class created in the time allotted.

Oh, and bonus points if you can tell me what type of art I was mimicking/ we were studying.

And on another note I got in trouble in class tonight. Another gal was giving a 7th grade lesson on measuring and estimating for math. We were given measuring cups, bowls, and corn to play with. I threw the corn at my partner who was in another group behind me. Why did I do it? To be funny. He would do that to me, he's just that kind of guy. The girl sitting next to me is one of my good friends in that class and we're constantly egging each other on. She told the teacher I was throwing corn and then my partner got pelted by a piece and he tattled. The gal giving the lesson came over and spoke to me about "making a positive choice." She spoke to my group and told them I needed to make positive choices and they should help me. Then my partner threw more corn at me, so I threw some back. The gal presenting took me to the back and conferenced with me. She told me I'd be given an alternative assignment and was on my way to a referral if I continued. I was speechless and agreed to go back and behave. I was talking to the girl after class and she talked about how I played the 7th grade scared kid part so well. It was all in good fun. Although, I was very embarrassed when the teacher, the military drill instructor brought up the 1 misbehaved kid, in which I was turned bright red. It was all in fun, and the gal presenting knew I was going to act out since she did during my presentation.


Aek said...

Hmm, I see sheet music, a small cut-up violin/viola on perhaps a cello background. As for what kind of art, I don't really know. Cubanism?

Boo for misbehaving. :-P

Mike said...

Cubism, yep