Friday, March 5, 2010

I was basically just outed to my mom

Probably in the best way possible- as in my mom's friends relaying the information?
But worst as in the acquaintance who said it?

I am not sure if my mom knows 100%, but an acquaintance said something about my sexuality, the acquaintance told a good friend of my mom's, my mom's friend relayed the information, and confessed I give off a vibe.

I asked my mom about her outing with her friends and what is going on with her friends, and my mom relayed the story, how she found out the information, and life goes on?

I can't really go into details because of who and what was said, but I guess my mom knows?

In a convo a few minutes later a lesbian acquaintance came up and my mom said something to the fact that would have been insensitive if my mom believed 100% I am gay. Maybe I'm just reading too much into this?

I do know that because of who the acquaintance was the subject of sexuality will have to come up again, and definitely in the next few days. I do plan to bring the issue up myself, then we'll discuss it, and I plan to be vulnerable and say something like "I can't help it," or "I'm not a different person because of it."

Going to be a long and difficult weekend.


Anonymous said...

Please tell me this has nothing to do with me.

Mike said...

Not at all!

Aek said...

Sounds like a complicated situation. o_O

Best of luck, whatever happens.

rlp340 said...

Happened the same way to me. My moms friend was looking over my shoulder when I filled out some form for college - checked the "gay" box and I should have known 30 seconds later she had told my mother. My mom confronted me on it and she was angry at first, then sad then came around. It took her a few days though and she got over it - it was just another unique item about her son lol.

My Time said...

Best of luck :) you will fell better when it's done. Don't worry or think about it, there is nothing wrong about it. T

Mind Of Mine said...

If something does come of this. You will be glad in the long run. I agree with T, you haven't done anything wrong.

BI LIKE ME said...

How about: "I'll still love you even though you're the mother of a gay guy." ;)

B said...

Hey Mike, been a while. Yikes, what a nerve-wracking situation, hope everything works out for the best.