Tuesday, March 9, 2010

No coming out news... but...

Still busy, busy.

Today: - Ran errands all morning, met Gonzo, Viv, Eddy, Mari and everyone for a quick lunch.
- Allergy shots this afternoon, which took a ridiculous 45 minutes, so Mike will be calling Kaiser to complain.
- Found black curtains I liked for my room at Bed Bath and Beyond for $19.00 a panel. I need to buy new curtain rods right now. New weekend project is to put the curtains up. That'll be a process. Lots of pushing and arguing with my dad to get them up.

And here's the song I've had stuck in my head all day
Never Going Back Again- Fleetwood Mac

Wednesday: - Haircut (it's been 8 weeks!)- we'll see about a new style
- Hopefully I'll get a sub call
- School from 5-9, and an hour talking to my friends in the parking lot after

Thursday: Meeting Viv and her lesbian cousins to go to male and female strippers night at the local gay club

Friday: Nothing yet- hang out with The Guy? Hopefully

Saturday: "Punch and cookie movie night" at Eddy's... it is in quotes because I don't think it'll be that innocent.

Sunday: I was invited this past weekend to go with the hairstylist and his husband to the same gay club I'm going to Thursday night to hang out. We ran into each other this past week and I turned down their invitation to go out this past Sunday, so I promised to not flake this Sunday.

Fun times into next week also...

Monday night: - Last night of my Content Literacy class- loved the class (I've gotten the most out of this class in my credential program, and the teacher was just like a mother). One girl is bringing cupcakes, so I'm going to cook some dessert up since there are only 6 of us in the class. I'll miss this class.

Wednesday night: - Last night of my Teaching class and my partner is inviting all of the guys and a few of the girls in the class to go to Benihana for sushi afterward.

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