Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Doing better

I had a difficult day yesterday.

The Guy is of course in love with his new boy and had no time to talk. I really just needed someone to talk to, and I want to say thank you Bruce for chatting with me.

My mom was really distant yesterday, and again telling me how she can't deal with me, can't handle this, how it is so wrong. She was in a mood already after dealing with my aunt in Nor Cal, so she wasn't too pleasant when she got home. We had the news on, and they were doing the Ricky Martin story. Her response to the whole Ricky Martin coming out thing was "another one," and how he has kids, so that is so much more wrong and so much worse.

I came into contact with several who were talking about my coming out that were briefly mentioned in this post. I am so thankful that the people did call me back who were genuinely concerned about me. I did hear some people talking and saying things about my sexuality- not directly to my face, though. I just smiled and said hello when I saw them, nothing out of the ordinary.

Today things are more or less back to normal it seems with several of the people mentioned in the above paragraph. The people who were eyeing me yesterday and talking didn't for the mostpart. I did hear my sexuality come up once today, and I just replied "it effects you because?" A bit bold for me normally, but whatever.

Update: Coworkers Viv, Eddy, and Marci were hanging out this afternoon and invited me over. We got buzzed among other things, and had a fun time watching couples retreat. Eddy and I swapped stories. I told the group about the 55 year old the other night, and Eddy was busy lookimg at porn on the computer. They just laughed about the 55yo. Marci mentioned a couple of times that Eddy probably had a computer full of porn. So funny. Marci wanted to watch some of the porn, so I watched porn with Eddy and Marci. Crazy stuff. I was wondering if I was going to have a 4some with my coworkers- I would have drew the lines there- that would have been a big no-no in my book. Plus I would have had a hard time staying hard with 2 girls involved. Also looked for porn on the internet. We were looking for crazy search term stuff on some site Eddy knows for straight porn and we ended up watching a couple videos in his room together where 2 midgets were in a 3some.

Viv did show us some random youtube videos including these, which are great when you're buzzed:


Todd said...

Just keep reminding yourself that your mom is going to need time. But I think you should call her on some of the things you say and let her know that it hurts you every time she says a comment like that.

Have you looked into getting her some resources like PFLAG? Or a book on having a gay child? She might not be ready for them now, but she might want to look at them in the future.

Wish I could give you a hug in person Mike...

El Genio said...

I hope things get better for you, at the very least it seems like you have dad on your side.

Also, did you read Ricky Martin's note in Spanish? There was at least one part of it that was a lot more powerful untranslated:

"Hoy ACEPTO MI HOMOSEXUALIDAD como un regalo que me da la vida. ¡Me siento bendecido de ser quien soy!"

Phunk Factor said...

I agree with what Todd has mentioned!! Don't be in her face that she needs to accept it!! Just let her know when certain things she says strike you wrong!!

Also the things Todd has mentioned, it would be wise not to slip them as Christmas presents! But sometime around the year randomly! ;)


Stephen Chapman... said...

Sorry, this is completely off topic but...

The next 5 on the fifth is close - I hope you can take part again: