Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Something my mom said...

While we were in the car coming home from Universal Studios with Linda and her son, my mom said something that left me furious. I was sweating and wanting so badly to correct her, but held my tongue.

Linda's son was in the backseat with Linda. I was doing the driving and my mom was seating next to me in the front seat.

My mom and Linda were talking about various friends they both have in common. One woman came up in the conversation, and here's what my mom said that made me cringe:

"I still can't believe Christina is a lesbian. This woman should not be where she is based on the lifestyle that she has chosen. She is in a position that she can play with and influence other peoples minds. It is just wrong."

The conversation went on, and just made my blood boil even more, I was sweating, and wanted to cry, but bit my tongue.

At the end of this diatribe my mom apologized, and said: "I'm sorry if I offended anyone, this is just how I feel."

After this?!?!?!

All I could think about was "you did not just say that." Do you realize lesbian and gay are the same thing?!?! After what I've been through the past month you have the nerve to say this?!?! Only reason I didn't is because I wasn't going to come out to Linda and her son.


Phunk Factor said...


I can y this would have bothered u!! Hopefully ur mom would come around to c u as u are!

Todd said...

Mike, did you talk to her about this after you got home? You should bring it up and let her know how it made you feel. Don't let it just sit inside you but calmly, but firmly, explain how it hurt you to hear those words.

rlp340 said...

Dito to what Todd said - seems like she has some splanin to do.

Anonymous said...

*hugs* When I come down next we're gonna hang out and talk. I'm sorry you got treated like this, man.

On a slightly side note, I have noticed that sometimes more bigoted people like our parents...sometimes they can get past the gay male thing, esp since they have you there, but the gay female thing is still difficult to accept. I guess all the images of bull dykes, etc, etc come into their minds.

Bruce said...

Mike, this is just my opinion but here goes...There is NO way she thinks you are gay. A mother who loves and cares for her child like I know she does would not say something like that knowing the child was gay. By her wording, she 1)thinks being GLBT is a choice and 2)thinks GLBT people are trying to recruit people into that "lifestyle". She also acknowledges that she agrees with discrimination of GLBT people because we shouldn't be in positions of authorty. No loving mother would support discrimination of her child.

Mike, I don't mean for this to sound harsh toward your mother, it just proves to me that either she doesn't believe you are gay or she is in very deep denial. Maybe for her the coming out "incident" didn't trigger any thoughts about the possibility of you being gay.

Aek said...

:-( *HUGS*

That's so rough to hear. It sounds rather offensive, even if no one in the car is LGBT. As a teacher, you would think she'd be more . . . tolerant, I guess.

My Time said...

WOW it’s unbelievable that people still think like that.
If I would be you I think I would have felt the same and I could have not kept it for me I would have told her what I think no matter who is in the car.
Have a great weekend.