Sunday, March 21, 2010

Mike does WeHo

One of my blog friends, Creative Thinker, informed me a few weeks back he was going to be visiting LA. We both thought it would be great to meet. He was staying with friends, but was visiting WeHo last night and invited me out. Thanks for the invite, buddy!

I spent the day getting lost in LA myself. I went to the Grammy Museum at LA Live. I had a great time seeing Grammy Memorabilia like the JLO dress. There was a Michael Jackson exhibit going on with several of his outfits. Next I trekked over to the Angel's Flight Cable Cars because they are finally open after a 9 year shutdown. I did not have $.25 and had to pay with $1.00, which was lame. Wish I had the exact change and was just able to whip out my quarter. It was soooooooo cool to ride those after seeing them on TV, seeing the trains when I was little but never going on them. I saw a movie being filmed on Wilshire at Hope Streets- didn't see any celebs I was familiar with. I stood in Pershing Square and just admired the architecture and big tall buildings around it. I wish I had my camera, especially while riding the Angel's Flight cars, but I didn't. NEXT TIME IS A MUST. I did dinner at a random sandwich shop I'd found, which was pretty good. It was about 7 by this time, so it was about to get dark.

From there I ventured over to Hollywood. I knew Creative Thinker was not going to be in the area until 9, and I wanted some time to explore WeHo since I'd never been. I've been to Hollywood, yes- many times in fact, WeHo, no. It was about a 25 minute drive from Downtown to WeHo- thanks to my trusty iPhone for guiding me. I went up the 110 to the 101 and got off at Santa Monica. I was tempted to stop by the Target at La Brea and Santa Monica just because it looked like a cool building and I love Target. I continued on and drove until I hit Robertson where the Abbey was located. I parked in a nice parking lot behind the Abbey and set out. I decided to walk the streets of WeHo to do some people watching because there were just so many hot guys, but also to explore and see what was there. I walked in a bunch of the stores that sold like t-shirts and underwear and looked at all the really skimpy stuff they offered. Can't say I wasn't tempted to make a purchase of some undies. Instead I found myself checking out the bar scene. I ventured into Micky's because they had some hot gogo dancers and was not too crowded at 8p.m. I hung out there and had a hard lemonade. I took off after and just did some more walking and exploring.

I must have been in Mickys for longer the more I think about it because before I know it it's 10p.m. and I head over to the Abbey. I get a bottle of Miller Lite and hang out. I walk around and get a feel for the place. There is a big guy with a rose in his hand trying to dance with me and making a fool of himself dancing in the aisle. I hang out in the back bar area until Creative Thinker and his friends arrived. He shot me a text and I make my way to where he is. We recognized each other instantly, and that was really neat. We hugged, him and his friends ordered drinks, and we introduced ourselves to each other. We walked around the bar again, posed for photos with the gogo dancers, and hung around talking.

It got rather crowded, so we went in search of a place less crowded. We found Eleven, where we got some cards and our cover was taken care of, plus they gave us free shots. So we had whatever the free shot was, which was tasty, and met some more gogos. There was some "lesbian show" for LOGO being filmed there, and we watched that out on the patio. We were in great sight to watch the interesting people dance on the inside. That provided us with lots of laughs. We hung out there for a while and chatted. In the bathroom I had a guy tell me how hot I was and how he loved the shirt I was wearing. That was a big confidence boost as it was a shirt I normally wouldn't wear.

LOGO show being filmed

Then we headed off to cruise through the stores. Fun stuff. We of course have to stop along Santa Monica and pose for photos with a drag queen because no visit would be complete without that.

I enjoyed meeting Creative Thinker. He has a sassiness to him and southern charm, which I liked and made it fun.

We parted ways about 1:05a.m. and I made it home at 2:26a.m. Not a bad drive, and not bad timing.

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Phunk Factor said...

Wow!! Sounds like a fun place!! I should seriously think of visiting Cali wen I go to States next!!