Monday, March 15, 2010

Kathy Vara going back to Today in LA

Kathy Vara from KABC 7 is going back to Today in LA. Remember she was on Today in LA from 1994 to 2001?

She will solo anchor the 4:30a.m. news from what I understand, then do "special in depth reports" during 5-7a.m. with Alycia Lane and Chris Schauble.

I was hoping Kathy would be joining Schauble on the anchor desk as the main female anchor... oh well.

Can't say I'll watch. Alycia Lane is not a good anchor, and Chris Schauble talking with his hands still bothers me.

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Anonymous said...

LOVE Kathy Vara and hope she takes over from Alycia Lane soon - put Alycia back on the streets so she can learn more about LA (and learn that Avitar was not shot on a green screen hahah).