Saturday, June 5, 2010

Beer pong

Eddy texted me at about 3p.m. telling me his house was open or something to that effect, and I knew what it meant. I texted back asking if it was another wild sex party. He said just drinking with the coworkers. I was down. We all met about 9:30. Different group than usual, plus some usual suspects like Viv (I hadn't seen her since my birthday maybe), Marci, and Gonzo. Hannah joined us (new coworker) and 2 of her friends.

They were all setting up for beer pong when I arrived. Gonzo had never played beer pong, and was anxious to learn. She had it down within the first few shots, she also refused to drink beer, and would only do kamikaze shots since they don't taste alcoholic. She was in every round, and did a total of 6 shots. She was a pro and kept making it in the other team's cups. Viv came later, and Viv was pretty good too. She came with her cousin Benji, who has become a good friend of Eddy's.

So lots of playing Rockband, beer pong, random side convos going on. Viv, Gonzo, and I made our way to the bedroom- not for anything sexual, but to watch youtube videos and dance to them. I am embarrassed/impressed to say I had several of the songs on my iPod. Yeah, I could pass for being Mexican. My days of listening to Latino 963 paid off.

I like this song...

This song is ridiculous when you find out/if you know what Mayonesa translates to in English. I learned to use my hips and chest in this. Notice the Beyonce parody in this video.

Bonus points if anyone knows what "dougie" refers to. Nasty meaning. We weren't a fan of this song.

Viv had to leave about 12:30, Mari at 12. Viv is going to TJ tomorrow and has to get up at 6. After Mari left Viv, Gonzo and I danced, and I was praised for dancing to anything. Random people flowed through on their way to the bathroom and stopped to look. We talked about how sexy some of the guys were in the videos and how to dance to the songs... haha.

After Viv left Gonzo played some Rockband with Eddy. Lots of random talk about random stuff. Gonzo kept saying how she isn't like this, how "we are good people," and how no one will find out about her.

It wasn't my idea to get really crazy drunk like Eddy had planned for people like Gonzo. I drove Gonzo home in her car, and Eddy followed. I didn't like doing that, but we were insistent she wasn't going to drive, and well, I'd feel bad if she didn't get home safely.

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Aek said...

My very limited Spanish comprehension doesn't extend into song without the lyrics spelled out for me, lol.

However . . . purple hippo sumo? o_O