Saturday, June 12, 2010

My fan club

I was at the mall tonight because I was supposed to see a movie with Mal. We were going to go see The Killers. I was on the phone with her, and we were planning on seeing the 9:45 showing until her son fell asleep.

I was at the theater walking down the steps when I swore I saw Darla and Eddy at Elephant Bar. I walk down to take a look and walk over to them on the patio. It was them. I say hi, then say I'll come in and see everyone. I was hoping as I walked in I wouldn't see any one from my high school. The reason was there was an informal get together that had been advertised on facebook by The Mike's and their good friend Randall.I walked in as quietly as possible to not draw attention. 87 people said they would attend- I was hoping I wouldn't run into the majority of those as they were friends of The Mike's. I didn't see anyone. I walked out to the tables where my friends were. They had just arrived, and we ordered drinks. I ordered 1 mojito, and that was enough. I was so buzzed so quickly. I was having a great time chatting with Eddy, Darla, and the group, when suddenly I see one of The Mike's. I play it cool- say I was just there happening to have dinner with my friends. He thought I was there for the reunion. I got rid of him with relative ease. A few minutes later he comes over with his whole crew- the other Mike, Steve, Carl, and a few others. I had just been coming back from the restroom and was walking out to the patio. I shook the Mike's hand, the crueler of the 2, and he told me how even though he was drunk, he'd like to see me over hanging out with him. I said I would, and he wanted to make sure it wasn't just me saying that, and I said no. After some pushing and shoving he was ready to take off. The group followed him off. Yay. Oh, and Mike was still really big like the last time I saw him at the gym.

Back to whatever my group was talking about- I think maybe how much Darla drank, how she was on her 5th or 6th drink of the night because she had been drinking prior to Elephant Bar. Darla was sweet talking the bartender trying to get him to pour to no avail. A few minutes later The Mike's 5-6 good friends come out of the bar next door and start heading toward Yardhouse. Of course on their way they have to stop at yell my name. I wave and acknowledge them. The waving was enough, and they continue, so I shout "Mike, Mike, Randall, etc. etc. etc." to acknowledge them and they continue calling my name. My friends are annoyed. Darla yells "you're dumbasses," they can't hear her, and she yells louder. I love her. Hahaha.

So lots of more talking. Darla wants to know everyone waiting on us by name, Eddy wants to know who these idiots are, random stuff. Eddy was amsued. Good stuff.

I do know only about 10 people showed up for this, and it was mainly friends of The Mike's with the exception of a girl that I've known since kindergarten named Tina and her husband.

So basically we end up paying for everything and heading out about 11:20. I get home at 11:40ish.

Excited for this weekend.................. yay!

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