Saturday, June 5, 2010

I miss country music

I texted The Guy this morning before I knew what was going on. I figured he was on facebook and probably not up to much. That was the case. I got a call from him as he was coming home from taking the pups to doggie daycare. We chatted as much as we could- meaning how long we could stay connected. We did get a few words in about saying we should hang out, so I took that cue, and headed over to his place.

When I arrived he was looking at some videos of America's Got Talent and great singers the article was showcasing. We talked about how good some of them were. We talked about iPhones and speculations surrounding the great unveiling Monday. The Guy made a great point about the prototype that was discovered in a bar and publicized greatly over the past few weeks. He said that the iPhone that was unveiled looked like something early 90s Mac, and not polished and elegant like the new iPad. Why would Apple take a step back? There needs to be a WOW factor, and that prototype does not have the WOW factor. We looked at the Sprint HRC phone and compared it to the iPhone. It is bigger, the new phone is rumored to have a smaller screen, but better resolution. Lots of fun. We were trying to measure the size of the HRC vs. the iPhone, and went on the search for a ruler and tore up the place looking for one only to discover The Guy does not own a ruler. We spent a good 20 minutes doing that. I love it, when he is persistent and wants to know something like that he'll obsess over it.

We ate some food he cooked the other night- there was shredded cheese, tortillas, frijoles refritos (refried beans), and guacamole. Good grub. We started snacking on healthier tortilla chips and guacamole, then he put a tortilla out with some cheese and had a quesadilla going. He warmed up the beans, then he pointed out I could do a bean and cheese burrito, and that sounded pretty dang good, and it was.

We go in the office and The Guy tells me about how his WOW accounts were all hacked, and how he emailed about it, but has yet to hear a response. Along that same line The Guy got tickets to Blizzcon (the big Blizzard product showcase- Blizzard is the company that has World of Warcraft, and several other games). He got 4 tickets for Robert (the new b/f), Jeff, his friend in Missouri Dan, and himself. He is paying to fly Dan out. He played and did some PVPing on the new toon he bought because his others were hacked. This new toon is good for PVP play. He invited me to play, but realized his accounts were frozen and he didn't have an account for me.

We hung until 5p.m. when he had to go pick up the dogs and get ready for Robert. I would have gone with him to pick up the dogs had I not had to mosey on over to my next outing.

I mentioned how I wanted to go see Lady Antebellum and Tim McGraw, and my cousins would go. My lesbian cousin B and her girlfriend had other plans, although they wanted to go. My oldest cousin, the one I most often refer to as cousin wanted to go. Her friend Laura wanted to go too. The tickets were lowered to a family 4 pack lawn seating for $75.00. It was just the 3 of us, but still, $75 for 3 people is not bad when 1 ticket was $41. My opinion also was we would be there to hear the music, half of going to a concert is hearing the music/seeing the artist, the other half is who you go with, and I was with a fun group, so I was going to have a great time either way.

Lady A

It was at the San Manuel Ampitheater in the middle of nowhere in Devore. Lots of cars trying to get there, though. We knew the back way in and saved 30 minutes easily waiting in traffic. I <3 having relatives in the area, so I know my way around there pretty well. I was apprehensive about would my cousin and her friend Laura like it? Cousin is a closet country fan who likes the Rascal Flatts stuff, and Laura liked Lady A's song "Need You Now." She is the one I went to Brandin' Iron with last week, along with lesbian cousin who didn't go.

View from our spot on the grass

Lady A

Sooooooooo many hot shirtless guys tailgating and lots of booby grabbing and flashing from girls. Fun stuff. Laura was so appalled, she's a good little Catholic girl. It was hilarious as we were walking, she screamed a couple times over some of the stuff she saw.

We had lawn seats as I said, which were of course at the back, but we had such a great time, the 3 of us. We sat on a blanket, had our strawberry/lime margaritas in hand, and good music. It was interesting during the intermission between acts they played oldies like "Rocket Man," The Police, and other non country acts.

This girl was lifted in the air waaaaaay too many times- you might understand why

There were more acts than we thought playing- first was Love and Theft, which only played 15 minutes or so, which was perfect. Then Lady A took the stage, and was amazing. Next came Tim McGraw, and then the Warren Brothers came out to sing with Tim McGraw.

Lady A's best songs were "Lookin For a Good Time," "Need You Now," "Hello World," and "I Run to You." All of these songs came near the end of Lady A's performance. My cousin first said she recognized "American Honey," and actually stood up to watch them perform that. Laura and I had already been standing.

When Tim McGraw first came out he sang "Real Good Man." My cousin said she had a total deja vu moment about the whole motorcycle entrance. She said he was soooo sexy. The 3 of us stood up and danced the entire time. My cousin made the comment during "Where the Green Grass Grows," "I miss country music." Her boyfriend is punk rock, alternative, Metal Mullisha guy 100%. She seemed to be having more fun as the time went on.

Tim McGraw's stage
The crowd was so worked up, it was truly crazy. Tim sang most of his hits, except "Grown Men Don't Cry," "The Cowboy in Me," "Don't Take the Girl," "When the Stars Go Blue," and "My Next 30 Years." He did sing 2-3 like "Still," and "Southern Voice" off of his new album.

Some of the other songs that were my favorite from the night included:

Watching him sing "If You're Reading This" was amazing, and Laura melted. She took a video of it, as well as a pic. Did you know the Warren brothers helped write this?

On the way home we kept talking about how sexy Tim was- I didn't really comment- I just said he looks great for his age, hard to believe his 40+.


JC said...

Sounds like you had a great time. I am still jealous.

Lady A is one of my current favorites. I play them frequently on the iPod.

Tim is awesome. "Live Like You Are Dyin'" is one of his best songs. I had never heard "If You're Reading This" until now. WOW! It is amazing, but extremely sad.

Aek said...

BlizzCon tickets?! Jealous.

You really like country music, don't ya?

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