Thursday, June 17, 2010

Dear AT&T

Dear AT&T,

We have had a technician out to our house 3 times in 2 weeks to deal with our constant wireless disconnects, and I've heard it all. Your lies are getting unbearable.

Please don't tell me any of the following:
- A Mac computer will run slower on the internet than a PC
- A laptop will run "slower to much slower" on a wireless network because it is wireless
- You should have almost no reception on a laptop if you're far away from the router - they consider far away my bedroom, 30 feet from the router - I know that a router usually has a several hundred foot distance around it where you should still get some signal - Drive by wifi- hello?
- It is normal to have DSL link retrains
- There is no set amount that is considered normal when it comes to DSL link retrains
- We are not seeing any errors
- Moving the DSL equipment to another room will completely get rid of the DSL link retrains
- There is no such equipment to fix a DSL link retrain because they are normal
- There are no errors from your line coming back to the company
- We have replaced every possible piece of equipment, so there will be no problems
- We have done everything we possibly can
- Watching too many youtube videos may make your internet go down
- The DirecTV box is the culprit- the Direct TV box is not hooked up to the phone line or internet- The DirecTV box is a good 15 feet from the router- surely that's not the case
- Cell phone use will not interfere with our router
- It is not the weather day in and day out in sunny Southern California diluting our signal
- The computer monitor and tower, and printer are the electronics around the router. Those are not the culprits to our awful signal.




Anonymous said...

If you hook up your laptop directly (hard wire) to the DSL modem, do you get the same number of disconnets?

Mike said...

Yes, even our desktop that is connected to the modem/router combo experience the same disconnects at the same time as the laptops do.