Friday, June 4, 2010

Talking to Marshall

I spent some time talking to Marshall online last night. The conversation went around how amazing I was, how we have so much in common, etc. etc. All of this about how compatible we were made it an opportunity to ask me what he wanted and what he was looking for. His response was "preferably exclusive friends with benefits." He asked what I wanted, and I said I was looking more for a relationship, and he said he was not opposed. He wants to hang out, cook, eat, talk, go to the beach, shopping, etc. When we go out he wouldn't mind the whole daddy thing, and paying for me. He asked more about what I like to do for fun, and he said he'd love to go to a concert or two with me.

The topic of Arizona, where he lived prior came up several times. He mentioned he is waiting for his house to close escrow and how he misses all of his dogs out there. I asked for more information. He said his ROOMMATE is still there. I asked if his roommate was his partner, and he didn't reply. He went on to tell me about all of his dogs, and how much he loves them. He said that he will eventually move the dogs out here.

So I feel like I know more... yet...... i still need that partnered question answered.

Edit in response to comments: I'm pretty sure roommate = boyfriend. I'm also not sure I'm ok with the whole daddy/pay for me thing. In one hand it is like paying me for favors. I am not into that. I am independent and pay for myself.


Aek said...

Blarg, so drama-filled. :-/ I hope that partner thing gets cleared up soon.

Anonymous said...

Just curious what you think about the whole 'daddy thing' and 'paying for you'.. I dunno.. that's kind of a turn off for me.

Anonymous said...

Just FYI... if he didn't answer the question, it's almost 100% certain the 'roommate' is the 'boyfriend'. Be assertive and keep asking the question until you get a full and complete answer.

Mike said...

Anonymous: I am not into the whole daddy thing and paying for me. I am independent and pay for myself.

Anonymous: I'm pretty sure roommate= boyfriend, but plan to keep asking.

Phunk Factor said...

The silence raised my antennas as well....u need to probe in further! Bt yea....don't nag!! Nagging is such a turn-off!!

Anonymous said...

If Marshall has been coming to Cali for eight years for business, he may maintain an apartment in Cali. In other words, the house in AZ may not be for sale much less in escrow.

Roomate does = boyfriend for most 43 year olds that have a decent income. Platonic roomates in middle age are most often due to financial need, so if he has money to spend = probably more than roomates.

I think you should pass on Marshall, if your looking for a relationship.

JC said...

Here is my two cents worth:

Roommate does = boyfriend. The fact that he did not respond to the question was probably all the response I would need.

The whole "daddy thing" and paying for everything is a turnoff for me as well. You are are an independent guy. Him paying for everything would seem like being paid for services rendered. (platonic or otherwise)

I am agreeing with anonymous on this one...the house my not be for sale or even in escrow.

This one just seems to get more and more complicated. Too many questions keep coming up. I say demand the answers you seek or move on. You are worth much more than what you are getting dealt.

Anonymous said...

Your not in a position to demand answers, just more lies.

Marshall has a boyfriend and quite possibly other guys on the side. How many red flags do you need.

If you must, figure out his address and then look for his house listing on MMS, should be listed for sale or sale pending.