Sunday, June 13, 2010

Home from a movie

First off, new blog layout. I'm not sure I like it. I have had the same blog layout since I began blogging. I guess I changed it to appease a couple readers, but I was also really annoyed that everytime I have signed into blogger the past couple days the messages about changing the blog template keep popping up. Maybe I'll keep it, maybe I'll change it back, but we shall see...

In other more exciting business, moving away from the house keeping stuff, I'm home from a movie with Foot Fetish. I hadn't hung out with him in MONTHS; I'm thinking it has been since August or September. He has been soooooo busy with school. He's been working on 2-3 big projects, and had to do some sort of senior project. Anyways, he hadn't even been online for weeks. I saw him reemerging the other day, so I chatted him up, and he told me about this, his sort of boyfriend he met that screwed him over as far as school goes, and the whole 9 yards. I hit him up today and we decide we should go to dinner and a movie. He finds out his parents are bringing dinner home to him, and so I eat the meat my dad is cooking. We do go to the movie, which turns out being Shrek at 9:40. It was a good movie. My first 3D movie outside of Captain EO at Disneyland. I'm just not that big of a moviegoer. Back to the movie, though.I like all the Shrek movies. I love the pop culture and nursery rhyme references. Lots of laughs. We chatted in the parking lot a few minutes after, and agreed we will hang out again soon. We better. I still owe him dinner from him buying me those shoes. And I did wear the shoes for him tonight.

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Aek said...

The change in layout is refreshing. :-) Keep playing around until you find one you're satisfied with.